The Original Power Rangers Get Amazing New Figures, and More of the Morphinomenal Toys of the Week

The Original Power Rangers Get Amazing New Figures, and More of the Morphinomenal Toys of the Week
Image: McFarlane, ThreeZero, and Eaglemoss

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the latest and greatest toy news online. This week: it’s morphin time in a whole new scale, while McFarlane expands its action figure Bat-family, and a lavish new Enterprise-D warps into view. Check it out!

Image: threezero Image: threezero

Threezero FigZero Hasbro Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Sixth-Scale Figures

Hasbro is doing a mighty fine job giving us Power Rangers action figures in the six-inch scale, meaning a while new collection of heroes to put alongside your Star Wars Black Series, or your Marvel Legends, or your G.I. Joes. But it’s rare to get Power Rangers in larger-scaled lines…until now. ThreeZero has officially confirmed it’s working on a range of 1:6 scale articulated figures of the original Mighty Morphin ranger team. No Tommy yet, it seems — as either the Green or White Ranger — but Jason, Trini, Zack, Kim, and Billy are looking pretty cool with all their unique weapons, blade blasters, and morphers. Alas, we don’t know when they’ll becoming, or how pricey it’ll be to get the full squad. The answer is probably a lot. [ThreeZero]

Image: McFarlane Toys Image: McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman Beyond Batman Figure

Important details about pricing and when we can officially hand over our credit cards for McFarlane Toys’ upcoming seven-inch Batman Beyond Batman figure aren’t known yet, but the toy maker has teased the highly-articulated figure on its Facebook page with a promised arrival of spring 2021. At the pace 2020 is going that feels like a couple of years away, but Batman Beyond merchandise is few and far between so we’re not going to complain if McFarlane Toys is stepping up to deliver.

Image: Iron Studios Image: Iron Studios

Iron Studios Jurassic Park – The Final Scene Statue

Despite lacking any articulation, battle action, or even fun extras like sound effects from the movie, we’re still completely captivated by Iron Studios’ 1/20-scale recreation of the climactic T-rex “rescue” scene from Jurassic Park. The T-rex itself stands 10.5 inches tall, while the entire piece is almost 19 inches long and features an immaculate hand-painted finish that appears to incorporate every shade of brown ever invented. It won’t be available until the third quarter of 2021, which might be enough time to convince yourself that it’s imperative you spend $US900 ($1,194) to add this piece to your Jurassic Park collection. Go on, you’ve got some mental gymnastics to perform.

Image: Numskull Designs Image: Numskull Designs

Numskull Designs Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Incense Burner

Aside from Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler, who designed and built the hardware, who’s to say why exactly a ghost trap smokes like a campfire log after it’s imprisoned a celestial spirit? More than likely it was just a neat Hollywood effect to add more impact to a scene with a successfully trapped ghost, but it’s an effect you can now recreate at home with this $US60 ($80) Ghostbusters-themed incense burner from Numskull Designs. A hinged lid makes it easy to replace the incense inside and clean it out afterwards, and since the whole thing’s made from plastic you can potentially use it as a cosplay accessory, although you’re cautioned not to touch the handle when incense is burning if you value your fingerprints.

Eaglemoss Hero Collector Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D 27-inch Model Kit

Deliberate online misinformation campaigns have marred the reputation of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation. But the truth is that it remains one of the most beautiful ships in Starfleet’s fleet (across all the movies and TV series) and possibly one of the most elegantly designed ships in all of science fiction. Working from the original model used to film TNG years ago (pre-CG), Eaglemoss has created a stunning die-cast replica model that measures in at over 27 inches long. It’s immaculately detailed, as any model at this scale should be, including working lights in the windows, navigation lights, and the large deflector up front. It will be available starting in March of 2021 and while Eaglemoss promises an easy build with pre-painted parts that snap or screw together, it’s only available as part of a subscription where a small collection of parts is shipped every month, meaning it will take a while before the entire ship is complete.

Fisher-Price Toy Museum Gift Shop

To go along with a fun Instagram account called the Fisher-Price Toy Museum that highlights many of its classic toys, Mattel has also created the Fisher-Price Toy Museum Gift Shop letting you proudly proclaim your love for retro toys through a series of t-shirts, socks, reusable bags, jackets, and other goodies branded with classic Fisher-Price toys. We’re especially fond of this $US15 ($20) polka-dot tote bag that, under closer inspection, actually features a pattern of pastel-coloured discs from the old Fisher-Price record player.

Image: Lego Image: Lego

Lego Monster Jam Max-D and Grave Digger

Given the popularity of slapping oversized tires onto souped-up trucks, it’s surprising there aren’t more monster truck-themed building sets from Lego. Available January 1, both the 230-piece Lego Monster Jam Max-D and 212-piece Grave Digger building sets feature Lego’s pullback spring-powered motors which send both these vehicles racing with enough speed to get some impressive air off a ramp. They can probably crush a Lego car or two in the process, and without kids having to wear ear plugs to protect their hearing to boot.