Samsung Could INB4 Apple With Its Own ‘AirTags’

Samsung Could INB4 Apple With Its Own ‘AirTags’
Samsung's LTE tracker from 2018.

All year we have been waiting for Apple to drop its long-rumoured AirTags. But after THREE!! Apple events over the past couple of months, they’re still MIA. And now it seems Samsung might be coming to fill the gap.

What are the Apple AirTags?

The Apple AirTags are the tech giant’s own take on a Tile. They’re essentially a Bluetooth tracking device that you can stick on something , like your keys, so you can find it if you lose it.

We know they’re only the way because they appeared in the iOS 14 source code awhile ago. Also, Apple managed to accidentally leak the AirTags on YouTube once.

It seems that the AirTags will run on a replaceable battery and will be able to be enabled ‘in bulk’. We believe this to mean that users will be able to have multiple AirTags available on their Apple account simultaneously.

But despite waiting with bated breath through a Not iPhone Event, the iPhone 12 launch and the M1 chip launch… the AirTags never made an appearance. And we have no idea when they might finally grace us with their presence.

Here come to Galaxy Smart Tags

When Samsung revealed the new Galaxy Note 20 a few months back, it also announced its new SmartThings find feature. This allows users to find Samsung Galaxy products easier and with more accuracy.

As it turns out, the company may also be planning to use this for its own Tile-esque tracking device.

SamMobile has reported that the Indonesian Telecom Certification has cleared a product with the name Galaxy Smart Tag (model number EI-T5300).

While that isn’t a whole lot of detail, the name doesn’t exactly mince words. It’s also not the first time Samsung has dipped its toes into these waters. Back in 2018 it released a dedicated tracking device that was powered by LTE.

There’s no timeline on when Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tag might become a reality, but Apple might want to hurry things up.

Disclosure: the author owns shares in Apple.