This Video of an Opossum Pushing a Skunk Into a Pond Is All of Us

This Video of an Opossum Pushing a Skunk Into a Pond Is All of Us
Image: Trail Cam Pro/YouTube
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Trail cameras are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Without hidden camera footage, think of all the David Attenborough documentaries we would have missed out on. We would also have been deprived of this glorious video of an opossum pushing a skunk into a pond.

Skunk vs Opossum

Recently, Trail Cam Pro ran a contest for the best trail cam videos. Six winners were crowned but the number one spot went to Betsy Potter in New York for this little number.

In the 20-second video, a skunk can be seen taking a casual drink from the local pond. Just your average evening. Until a sneaky opossum shows up, sees said skunk and decides to push him face-first into the pond. To really rub it in, the opossum then just scampers off, leaving the poor skunk struggling to drag itself out of the pond.

Why the opossum decided to push the skunk in the water is undetermined. A skunk’s defence mechanism is to spray a potent odour when threatened to ward off enemies. Potentially the opossum thought it was going to be attacked and decided to beat the skunk to the punch.

Funnily enough, opossums (which are native to America) are generally non-aggressive animals. Their natural defence mechanism is to literally play dead. Maybe pushing unsuspecting animals into pools should also be added to that list.

Other Trail Cam Winners

Other winners in the Trail Cam Pro video contest included a deer that looks like its vaping.

Following the deer trend, here’s a poor stag with a head full of wool. Look, he just wants some friends.

And here we have a wolf, or possibly coyote, playing with its food. If you thought it was just household cats that play with their food, you would be wrong.

And last but not least, check out the feathers on this guy. The turkeys in America sure do put our bush turkeys to shame.

You can see the rest of the trail cam submissions on the Trail Cam Pro YouTube page.