Today’s Gif Party Is Bursting With Seasonal Magic

Today’s Gif Party Is Bursting With Seasonal Magic
Amazingly, that's not in the Emerald City. (Gif: Netflix)

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to get in a festive mood! We’re breaking out our dancing shoes and greatest moves to ring in the final weeks of 2020, because what better way is there to warm a chilly night than by dancing your heart out with a gif party?

Leave your favourite party, dancing, or otherwise festive gifs in the comments. Whether you’re celebrating the holidays, or just getting ready to welcome Baby New Year 2021 like a certain so-and-so finding our favourite Grogu, making it through this year and embracing the warmth and love of the season is always something worth getting excited about.

The Hottest Beats in Any Galaxy Are Playing for Friday’s Gif Party

The Rocinante is preparing to launch — and so are our sweet dance moves. We’re blasting off into outer space with this week’s gif party in celebration of The Expanse, science fiction, and intergalactic party people everywhere.

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Also, be sure to tell us what holiday movies and specials you’ll be checking out over the next week — I’m gonna be rewatching my favourite holiday flick, The Mistle-Tones. Don’t laugh it’s legit.

Seriously one of my favourite holiday films.  (Gif: ABC Family)Seriously one of my favourite holiday films. (Gif: ABC Family)