Get Ready To Walk Into LG’s Transparent OLED Sliding Doors

Get Ready To Walk Into LG’s Transparent OLED Sliding Doors
Image: LG Electronics

In the week of all things Cyberpunk 2077, it seems fitting that we’re getting sliding doors made from transparent TV displays that play ads.

LG Electronics announced today that it is partnering with Swedish manufacturer Assa Abloy to develop a transparent OLED automatic door. The Verge reports that the doors will be aimed at businesses and will be able to greet customers, communicate with employees and show ads. They will also allow touchless access to buildings.

The new product combines LG’s Transparent OLED signage and SuperSign software with the automated glass doors of Assa Abloy. LG’s press release states:

LG’s Transparent OLED technology is also expandable and can be easily customized for a variety of doors and entranceways. Its transparency means objects behind the display can be easily seen, enabling the solution to harmonize with its surroundings while providing useful information at the same time. With a robust design featuring tempered glass, the product offers excellent durability and improved safety when combined with Assa Abloy Entrance Systems’ automatic sliding doors.

The first-of-its-kind OLED sliding door technology will be revealed later this week, with specialised commercial applications in mind. The doors are said to bring a whole new level of innovation to customising brands and customer experiences while remaining unobtrusive.

transparent LG OLED display sliding doors concept
Image: LG Electronics

Transparent OLED displays are already being trialled on subway lines in parts of China. Train windows have been outfitted with glass OLED displays which provide real-time information like the news, weather and train schedules.

Taking this technology and putting it into a sliding glass door could have mixed results – considering the number of people who walk into glass doors. But given that these doors will have sensor technology, it might help moving forward in our currently contactless society.

LG unveiled its transparent OLED displays last year and, yeah, we’re living in the future.

With these OLED sliding doors on the way, we are one step closer to living our best Cyberpunk lives.