Every Major Nic Cage Fashion Statement, Ranked

Every Major Nic Cage Fashion Statement, Ranked
Image: Just Dubrovnik

Nic Cage is an enigma. He’s a modern day cryptid. After decades of acting in mainstream Hollywood films, he’s finally decided to embrace the strange and become the weird, fashionable uncle we all know and love today. From studded motorbike jackets to a ‘Circus Circus’ themed getup, Nic Cage has brought out the big guns of fashion over the last few years.

His transition to a fashion icon started slowly, with more extravagant outfits popping up every few months until he reached “fashion critical” stage in mid-2020. At first it was just fluffy metallic cowboy jackets, then it became a real hot pick jacket crisis.

We’ve been delighted by his fashion transition, so let’s take a closer look in more detail. Here’s every major Nic Cage look from the last few years, ranked by how much we love them.

10. The Aussie Serial Killer Look

nic cage fashion ranked
Image: Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic via Getty Images

This look mostly deserves a mention because it makes him look like a certified true blue Aussie, Stetson hat and all. This is a bloke you’d find on your local farm yelling at sheep or mucking out the pig pen. It certainly doesn’t scream celebrity ego, and that’s why we love it so much.

The airbrushed wolf artwork is also absolutely fantastic. Check out that detail. Awoo, indeed.

The $25 Doors t-shirt is a nice secondary touch. It’s the kind of item you could pick up at your local thrift store, and the wear-and-tear here makes it very likely Nic Cage did wander into his local thrift store to pick it up. It’s comfortable and practical.

Great job, Nic.

9. The Metallic Cowboy

nic cage blue jacket fashion
Image: Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images via Getty Images

Yeehaw, Nic Cage.

This outfit is glittery and gorgeous, and the fluff really adds to the aesthetic. Is he going for a walk through a winter tundra? Is he trying to blend in with his sheep? Either way, it’s a fabulous choice.

The hat and the jacket don’t quite go together, but we love it all the same. It just oozes the laissez faire attitude we all wish we possessed.

8. Leopard Print X Anime

nic cage fashion man
Image: BG023/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images

Leopard print and anime. Leopard print and anime. 

It’s the perfect combination, and Nic Cage knows it. The silky leather jacket is a stunner, and it perfectly matches his days-old stubble and nonchalant attitude Cage rocks. It seems to say, “yeah, I’m a weeb, what of it?” Oh, to be so carefree.

7. The Velveteen Kingpin

nic cage suit fashion
Image: Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage via Getty Images

This suit is absolutely killer, and it’s paired with a classic Nic Cage smoulder. It’s definitely got some weird uncle and/or 3rd Street Saints vibes, but Cage elevates the material by his sheer presence. Velvet is a difficult fabric to pull off because it can easily look messy and couch-like.

Does Nic Cage care? No, of course not. He’s Nic Cage, baby.

Deal with it.

6. The All-Purple Fit

nic cage purple suit
Nathaniel Chadwick/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

In 2014, Nic Cage appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show. He was there to promote his films, but also to make a bold statement. This suit isn’t as ‘out there’ as some of Nic Cage’s other choices, but it’s a fantastic fit and the purple really sings.

He also looks very happy in this outfit, and we love to see that.

5. The International Film Festival Splattered Suit

nic cage suit fashion
Image: Visual China Group via Getty Images

This suit is an incredible choice. It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s beautiful.

Paired with rose-tinted lenses, Cage looks like an absolute rockstar here. His bow tie is large and immaculate and his beard is carved into a precise, clean shape. He’s rocking the absolute shit out of this suit.

4. Ebenezer Scrooge, Revisited

Nicholas Cage is going for a walk down the street with his son. This is the outfit he chooses to wear.

Look at that hat. Look at that cane. Look at that top hat. It’s incredible.

While debate has raged over whether this look is for a movie or if he just chose to leave the house like that, we don’t care. It’s iconic. It’s stunning. It’s fabulous.

We love this look.

3. The Oscar-worthy ‘Mandy’ Look

nic cage fashion ranked
Image: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic via Getty Images

This jacket is eye-wateringly good. No matter which way Nic Cage turns it catches the light, making him resemble the Oscar he deserves for this outfit choice. The red oblong glasses do clash with the outfit, but he wears them with such swagger it’s hard to fault him for the decision. This is a man who knows what he wants, and he’s not afraid to reach out and touch it.

Shine on, you crazy Cage.

2. The ‘Color Out of Space’ Motorbike Swagger

nic cage fashion jacket
Image: JC Olivera/Getty Images

This jacket is among the best we’ve ever seen.

It’s incredibly stylish and the leopard-print collar is an excellent touch. It’s also married with a ginormous and very shiny belt buckle, making this a biker-style look for the ages. The effort here is phenomenal — all those studs need to be applied by hand, so you know it’s an expensive little number– and the confidence with which Nic Cage wears it is admirable.

Nic Cage is doing Johnny Blaze proud here. More looks like this in future, please.

1. The Pink ‘Circus Circus’ Jacket

pink nic cage jacket
Image: Just Dubrovnik/Reddit

This is the latest and greatest from the Haus of Nic Cage, and a flabbergasting edition to his fashion lexicon.

First, he’s wearing a killer blue mask. Stay safe, king.

Then we get to the jacket. Holy shit, this jacket. It’s incredible. It’s such a lurid pink you can’t look away, and it’s covered in the wildest pins and patches around. There’s a bunch of elephants along the arms and body, a weird duck, a rose patch you can grab off eBay for $5 and more Circus Circus paraphernalia than you can poke a stick at.

As an side, Circus Circus is a themed restaurant/casino in Las Vegas that Cage frequents.

Pair the jacket with the sunset glasses, the striped shirt and the casual jeans and you have the perfect Nic Cage look. This fashion choice will live in our hearts forever.

Long may the wild Nic Cage outfits continue. Godspeed, legend.