Brazil Disputes Apple’s Decision to Ship iPhone 12s Without Power Adapters

Brazil Disputes Apple’s Decision to Ship iPhone 12s Without Power Adapters
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Earlier in the year, Apple announced its new iPhones would not ship with the included EarPods or power adapter in the box. This decision has now been challenged in Brazil, which may force Apple to sell iPhones with the included power adapter.

Apple’s argument for removing its staple accessories from the new iPhone boxes was that it would help to reduce its carbon footprint. Without the power adapter and EarPods taking up space, the iPhone can be shipped in a smaller box which allows more boxes in a shipment.

The company also argued that most people have these accessories at home already.

Brazil wants its power adapters back

Brazilian authorities in São Paulo have challenged this decision, reports 9to5 Mac. Procon-SP, the public consumer protection agency of the São Paulo state, asked Apple in October for clarification on why the power adapter is being removed from the box.

The agency asked Apple to prove what the real benefits to the environment would be from removing the charger from the box and that this decision wouldn’t impact consumers.

Apple responded with the same statement – that most people have a charger and this initiative will reduce carbon emissions. But, according to Procon-SP, the power adapter is considered an essential component to use the product.

The agency argued that selling the iPhone without the charger is against the Brazilian Consumer Defense Code and that Apple hasn’t given enough evidence to support its reasoning.

Apple has until tomorrow to respond to this decision or the company will be fined in Brazil. At the moment this decision is limited to São Paulo State. However, Brazil’s National Consumer Secretary is apparently considering extending the decision countrywide.

Brazil isn’t the first nation to backlash Apple’s decision. France disputed the company’s decision to omit EarPods from the new range of iPhones. Authorities claimed that users should be encouraged to use the provided headphones with their iPhone to reduce the proximity of radio-frequency energy to the brain.

Apple’s solution was to ship the new iPhone box within another box that contained the EarPods. This saved the company from expanding its entire line of packaging just for France. It’s possible Apple will adopt a similar tactic if it has to ship charging accessories to Brazil.

Apple’s new iPhones currently ship with only the included charging cable in the box here in Australia.