Turns Out DJ Marshmello’s Stolen Huge 6×6 Truck Makes A Pretty Crappy Police Chase Vehicle

Turns Out DJ Marshmello’s Stolen Huge 6×6 Truck Makes A Pretty Crappy Police Chase Vehicle

As someone who once lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years, I can tell you that, like all Angelenos, I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time considering police chases. They’re a staple on LA news and, when you’ve seen enough of them, you start to really think about what sort of car you’d want to get away from cops most effectively and, ideally, with the most style. A recent police chase demonstrated that if you think a custom Ford Raptor with three axles and massive tires stolen from a well-known DJ might be a good choice, you’re wrong.

Not being in the LA metro area anymore, I saw this bonkers chase thanks to a tweet:

The vehicle here was one of those stupid Hennessey VelociRaptor 6x6s, a $US350,000 ($481,250) or so, 447kW, three-axled mobile monument to deep-seated insecurities, though the dual rear wheel arches look is something I haven’t seen on one of these — usually, the Hennessey has one long wheelarch for both rear axle.

Actually, even though the news reports are calling it a VelociRaptor, I have my doubts; the Hennessey one looks different. This looks more like the Diesel Brothers one, or perhaps one from some other shop?

This particular beast was stolen from DJ Marshmello (also known as Chris Comstock) last night from a dealership service bay. If you’re not familiar with DJ Marshmello, he looks pretty much how a five-year-old would imagine him:

It’s unclear if Mr. Mello normally drives his 6×6 with the big marshmallow head.

That Velociraptor is a crazy vehicle to steal and lead on a police chase, not just because it’s incredibly noticeable and hard to hide, but also because of this:

Thanks to a turning radius somewhere between a container ship and a mid-century ranch house, a colossal 6×6 truck is a terrible choice for evading cops, at least in an urban setting.

Maybe out in the deserts around Joshua Tree this would have made more sense, running from the CHP and turning onto a barren patch of desert, where you could really open it up and possibly escape into the rugged nothingness of the desert, but at the intersection of Coldwater Canyon and Vanowen, you’re boned.

The person who stole the truck had a decent start to their plan, though according to what LAPD told CBSLA: they rode to the dealership on a bicycle, which he threw in the bed and then took the truck. That’s a very green way to steal a massive truck, you have to admit.

The suspect has not been identified, and, according to the sheriff’s department, may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Of course, I bet stealing the gigantic six-wheeled truck of a marshmallow-headed millionaire is enough to make anyone seem kinda high.