Samsung’s Big Boi 4K Laser Projector Costs $11,000 in Australia

Samsung’s Big Boi 4K Laser Projector Costs $11,000 in Australia

A couple of months back Samsung unveiled its brand new 4K laser projectors. Now they’re finally coming to Australia and we know how much they’ll cost.

Dubbed The Premiere by Samsung, it’s a short throw laser projector, meaning it is tucked right underneath your screen or wall of choice. It comes in 130 and 120-inch models and there is quite the price difference between the two.

On the lower end of the pricing spectrum the LSP7T model Premiere comes in at $5,999. However, if you really want to go hard, you could pump that number up to a casual $10,999 for the 130-inch LSP9T model.

For that rather large chunk of change you get 2,800 lumens of brightness, with the smaller LSP7T coming in at 2,200. It also comes with Film Maker Mode, which Samsung says helps with the removal of motion smoothing and other treatments that tend to get added in post. We’ve seen this become an increasingly popular fixture of high end televisions over the past few years. You’ll also find the familiar dedicated Game Mode.

When it comes to sound, the LSP9T comes with built-in woofers and two tweeters. It also contains Samsung’s ‘Acoustic Beam’ technology that imitates surround sound and compatibility with Samsung’s Smart TV hub.

And if you’re a fan of voice commands, the projectors work with Amazon Alexa as well as Samsung’s own Bixby voice assistant.

“It’s no secret that Australians want the ultimate in home entertainment and big screen experiences. Samsung’s The Premiere offers up to 130 inches of 4K picture quality from an elegantly looking short throw triple laser projector creating a cinematic experience in the home,” Samsung Australia’s Director of AV, Hass Mahdi, said in a statement.

Both versions of Samsung’s 4K projector are available in Australia from today if you’re inclined to reach deep into your pockets.