Pornhub Comes in Hot With a Premium Lifetime Subscription Deal for Black Friday

Pornhub Comes in Hot With a Premium Lifetime Subscription Deal for Black Friday

Pornhub is filling us with the Black Friday spirit by bringing back its lifetime subscription deal.

PornHub Black Friday Deal: Lifetime Premium

Also known as the LifePlan, it gives users a lifetime subscription to Pornhub Premium. This comes with an extra 500,000 videos regular users don’t get as well as HD, 4K and VR options. Ads are also removed.

If you get a LifePlan subscription, you get these benefits forever.

Pornhub also ran this deal last year, but it’s cheaper in 2020. It will cost members $US200, which is about $272 in Aussie dollars. It’s also $137 less than what it cost in 2019.

But you need to be quick though. There are only limited LifePlan subscriptions available at this price point. One they run out the price will be increased by $US25 (around $34) and those increments will continue up to $25. What this basically means is that in this specific case, getting there faster is actually a good thing.

At the time of writing Pornhub Premium costs $US9.99 (around $14) a month or $US95.88 ($130) a year. So if you manage to snatch a LifePlan subscription at the $272 price point it will be paid back after just over two years.

This Pornhub Black Friday deal goes live at on November 26 at 4pm AEDT. That’s 3:30pm ACDT, 3pm AEST, 2:30pm ACST and 1pm AWST. There’s even a countdown clock

In true Pornhub fashion, it even released a promotional video to tie the lifetime subscription into Thanksgiving. It’s titled: Pornhub Premium Lifetime Membership: Something to Be Thankful For.


“Thanksgiving is a time to come together and give thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened during the year, but 2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least,” Corey Price, VP of Pornhub, said in a press release.

“No matter what other surprises 2020 throws our way, having Pornhub Premium for life is the best way to guarantee your year has a happy ending.”

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