Miles and Miles (and Miles) of the Week’s Best Toys

Miles and Miles (and Miles) of the Week’s Best Toys
Image: Hasbro, Hot Toys, and Sentinel

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round of the latest and greatest in plastic goodness. This week: Miles Morales! Miles Morales? Miles Morales. Sure, there’s some other toys, but let’s be real: this is Spider-Man’s week. Check it out!

Image: Hot Toys Image: Hot Toys

Hot Toys Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sixth-Scale Figure

Hot off the launch of his hit new video game, Miles Morales is joining the Hot Toys line up. We’ve already seen the company’s preview of an Into the Spider-Verse themed figure, but now we have a more realistic take on the character, inspired by his design in Insomniac’s new PS5 launch title. Coming with all the things you’d expect a Spider-Man Hot Toys to come with — extra hands, alternate eye emotes, web FX pieces — Miles has a few extras to make things uniquely his. There’s a few Venom Blast pieces, to recreate his bioelectric attacks, of course — but the most fun accessories are a hat and scarves to recreate his winter getup, and a backpack…containing the one and only Spider-Man the Cat. He’s due to arrive in early 2022. [Hot Toys]

Image: Hasbro Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet

When it premiered, Star Wars: The Mandalorian was undoubtedly a revelation to cosplayers with a main character who, like them, wears his costume for weeks, even months at a time, without removing his helmet to even sleep. You no longer have to wonder what kind of smell Din Djarin has to live with because with Hasbro’s new Star Wars: The Black Series The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet you can experience it yourself. The $240 role-play item, available starting in the spring of 2021, features the iconic Mandalorian vision-obscuring T-visor, a removable tactical light on the side, red interior lighting that glows when the helmet is held upside down, and adjustable straps. The only thing missing is a timer that reminds you to take a shower every once in a while.

Image: Sentinel Image: Sentinel

Sentinel SV-Action Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales

We’ve been waiting for toys directly based on the aesthetic of Into the Spider-Verse for so long, and they’re going to arrive like a ton of buses at once. Sentinel’s roughly five-inch SV-Action take on Miles features removable parts to convert him from simply wearing his custom Spider-Suit from the film to the more casual, jacket-and-hoodie look we see him take his iconic leap of faith in. As well as alternate hands for thwipping, posing, and generally being cool as all hell, Miles also has an alternate unmasked head, replicating the style of the movie. He’ll cost you around $120, and is available to order now for a May 2021 release date. [D4Toys]

Image: Hasbro Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Monopoly Disney Parks Theme Park Edition

It’s hard to be even mildly interested in a new Monopoly game these days given there are more variations on store shelves than stars in the sky. But fans of Disney’s various IRL attractions should take note: the new Disney Parks Theme Park Edition of Monopoly not only lets players buy up properties based on rides like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Space Mountain, and The Haunted Mansion, it also features a pop-up version of the Fantasyland Castle smack dab in the middle of the board. For $70 it could be the next best thing to risking your health visiting the actual parks, and depending on the roll of the dice, you might not have to deal with It’s a Small World at all.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Wave

Thought we were done with Miles? Absolutely not! Having previously teased a line of Spider-Man-adjacent entries in its Marvel Legends 6″ series, today during a Fan First Friday event Hasbro officially revealed its full roster for early 2021’s traditional Spidey-figure series. As well as the previously revealed Miles and Spider-Gwen (who comes with Spider-Ham), the line is completed by two more additions from Into the Spider-Verse, and two add-ons from the comics. Peter B. Parker and the Prowler join the Spider-Verse figures, while the comics give us a generic Hand Ninja, and, amazingly, d-list villain Frog-Man, who looks like a way better toy than he ever was a villain. Collecting all six figures gets you the part to build another iconically silly rogue in the form of Stilt Man, but the real good news? The Hand Ninja, the sort of figure you’d get multiple of anyway as they’re generic goons, is the one that comes with the leg pieces — so you could just buy a bunch of those and have a suitably silly, and very tall Stilt Man figure.

Each figure in the wave will cost around $35, and they’re all set to release early next year. [Toyark]

Disney Interactive Groot Action Figure

He might be gone from theatres with no real idea of when we’ll see him on the big screen again, but that isn’t stopping Disney from reminding us that before Baby Yoda arrived, we all thought Baby Groot was the most adorable thing. Standing 12 inches tall, this adolescent Groot, based on his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, can move his arms and head around (to dance and groove along to music), blink his eyes, and respond to 20 spoken phrases with movements, music, and variations on “I am Groot.” He’s available now from Disney’s online store for $85, and comes with an under-the-shirt connector allowing you to walk around with Groot perched on your shoulder. Stay tuned for local availability.