The Best PC and Gaming Deals From Click Frenzy 2020

The Best PC and Gaming Deals From Click Frenzy 2020
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It’s once again time for another round of Click Frenzy’s huge sales, which means its bargains galore from now until 12:00am on Friday, November 13. From laptops to gaming monitors, games, peripherals, and headsets, you name it and there’s bound to be a nice deal going for it.

Check out some of Click Frenzy deals for PCs and gaming below.

Dell’s Click Frenzy 2020 Deals

If you head over to Dell’s online store, they’ve got a nice chunk of laptop and desktop deals going for Click Frenzy. If you’re already set with a laptop or desktop, they’re also offering some decent discounts on a range of desktop monitors.

You can find more Dell deals here.

Acer’s Click Frenzy 2020 Deals

There aren’t many Acer deals going during Click Frenzy, but if you head on over to Catch you can score a nice 10% off selected gaming monitors.

HP’s Click Frenzy 2020 Deals

HP’s online store is offering some big savings on laptops, desktops, peripherals and gaming monitors this year. Here’s a quick list of all the HP bargains going right now, with the discounts applied. Note that the discounts will vary slightly from item to item, and you’ll need the precise checkout code from each link.

These deals and more can be found on the HP Australian store.

Lenovo’s Click Frenzy 2020 Deals

Lenovo’s gaming offers have ramped up over the last 12 months, and their gaming laptops in particular are becoming really competitive in the Australian market. They also have the benefit of not sporting massive RGB strips, making them a decent alternative for offices (whenever we all end up back in those). Lenovo’s ThinkPad productivity laptops are also going for a good deal, particularly this $1099 E14 Gen 2 with the excellent Ryzen 7 4700U CPU.

The full list of deals is here, but below you’ll find individual links to specific offers.

This post is being updated live as more deals become available, so check back later for more offers!

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