We’re Liveblogging Apple’s Big October Event Right Here

We’re Liveblogging Apple’s Big October Event Right Here
Image: Apple

If it seems like we just wrapped an Apple gadget event, that’s because we did — last month. But today, Apple is set to unveil a whole different lineup of new products. And if today’s earlier leaks were any indication, time around, it’s looking like Apple is giving us our first official look at its new iPhones and HomePod Mini.

As with last month’s big Watch and iPad event, today’s event will be streamed on Apple’s website, through its Apple Event channels, and on YouTube. (For details on how to stream it, we’ve got you covered right here.) Gizmodo will be live-blogging the entire event, with members of the consumer technology team popping in and out to share their thoughts on Apple’s latest lineup of 2020 devices.

A Whole Bunch of iPhone 12 and Other Products Apparently Just Leaked Ahead of Today’s Apple Event

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So, what the heck can we expect from today’s affair, given that Apple’s spring releases have been split among multiple launch events? Well, all signs point to iPhones (though as we’ve said before, it’s possible phones could be revealed at another yet-to-be-announced launch event). However, leaks ahead of Tuesday’s event pointed to the launch of the all-new iPhone 12 devices equipped with 5G — also hinted largely by Apple’s event tagline “Hi, Speed.” Up to four phones could make their grand debut today, including a super-sized Max version and a wee iPhone 12 Mini rumoured to have a 5.4-inch display.

Aside from phones, weeks of rumours, as well as an apparent pre-launch leak, indicates that we could also see a mini version of Apple’s HomePod that could cost around $140. We could also see new over-ear headphones with the debut of AirPods Studio, as well as an appearance by Apple’s long-delayed magnetic charging docks.

We’ll be covering everything we learn in real-time on the liveblog as today’s products are revealed. God willing, Apple won’t keep stringing us on into the new year.