Updates on the Animorphs Movie, Marvel’s Moon Knight, and More

Updates on the Animorphs Movie, Marvel’s Moon Knight, and More
Us, reacting to this animorphs news, basically. (Image: Scholastic)

André Øvredal has an update on the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark sequel. Disney+’s Moon Knight show has seemingly found its director. Hasbro’s bold new Power Rangers reboot has tapped a writer. Plus, a new look at Freaky, and what’s to come on Soulmates and Moonbase 8. To me, my Spoilers!

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Michael Grant revealed he and K.A. Applegate have left the Animorphs movie over “creative differences” with Picturestart.

Power Rangers

According to Deadline, Hasbro and eOne have hired Titans producer Bryan Edward Hill to write the upcoming Power Rangers reboot for director Jonathan Entwistle.


Danielle Harris is attached to direct Sequel, a “darkly comedic” horror film from producer Joe Dante and Doctor Who writer James Moran. Though details on the plot are currently unavailable, Bloody-Disgusting describes the project as “a satirical shredding of the horror industry’s ‘final girl’ trope” including “an all-star cast of take-no-prisoner heroines.”

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2

André Øvredal provided Coming Soon with an update on the upcoming Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark sequel.

We have a great new story and some fun, scary stories implemented in a good way, I’m very excited about the sequel. I shouldn’t [say] and I can’t really, you never know what you can and can not say about these things, it’s hard to talk about at this stage. I know it’s been out there in the public already, so I can’t give away too much [chuckles]. I’m part of the process of developing, not the writing because it’s Dan and Kevin, who wrote the first one, but I’m definitely part of the development process on this one. As you indicated, the original script was developed for Guillermo to direct originally.

Children of the Corn

Meanwhile, The Herald-Tribune has our first look at the Children of the Corn remake filmed entirely in quarantine.

Photo: ANVL EntertainmentPhoto: ANVL Entertainment

Come Play

Gillian Jacobs’ potato sack of a husband refuses to believe her brush with the paranormal in a new clip from Come Play.


A new trailer for Christopher Landon’s Freaky receives musical accompaniment from No Doubt.

Ginger Snaps

Deadline reports Sid Gentle Films will team with original director John Fawcett for a television series based on his 2000 teenage werewolf movie, Ginger Snaps. Much like the original film, the new series — written by Anna Ssemuyaba (Guerilla) — “tells the story of sisters Ginger and Brigette, who are self-imposed outcasts in their hometown. Inseparable and fascinated with the macabre, they make a pact to escape their sleepy suburban home by sixteen or else take their own lives. But on the night of her first period, Ginger is attacked and infected by a werewolf which unleashes a monstrous kind of puberty. Brigette can’t understand this new version of her sister who is violent and sexual. As a bloody trail begins to form in Ginger’s wake, Brigette must find a way to curb her sister’s new cravings or risk losing her forever.”


Deadline also reports CBS is developing Antarctica, a climate change drama from writer Paul Grellong (The Boys), producer Josh Berman and Sony Pictures TV. Set in the near future after a changing climate has reshaped the globe,” the series follows “a tenacious, uncompromising FBI agent on the run from a scandal in her past” who “is transferred to a remote outpost where she gets embroiled in the colonisation of America’s 51st state – Antarctica.”

Moon Knight

Deadline additionally reports Mohamed Diab (Clash) has been hired to direct the Moon Knight TV series at Disney+.

Moonbase 8

Spoiler TV has photos from the pilot episode of Moonbase 8. Click through for more.

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