Sure, Buying a PS5 to Play Bugsnax for Free Isn’t Wise, but It Is Right

Sure, Buying a PS5 to Play Bugsnax for Free Isn’t Wise, but It Is Right
Screenshot: PlayStation

Finally, a rare bit of good news.

Game studio Young Horses has revealed that its PlayStation release Bugsnax — a confounding game evidently about bugs that also are snacks — will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on PlayStation 5 the same day the device launches. And buddy, you better believe that the at-minimum $US400 ($566) you’re going to throw at PlayStation’s next-generation console is going to be justified by this single game. Have you listened to its title track? (It slaps.) If you are not digitally downloading this game on day freaking one, what are you even doing?

The good news is that if you do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on a new console right now, which personally I do not, Bugsnax will also be available on PS4 — though you’ll have to pay for it if you’re gaming on the older console. Disc versions for both console generations are available for pre-order starting today for $US40 ($57), as are a Bugsnax t-shirt and a Snax Pak pin collection that will absolutely trigger your cute aggression.

As a little treat, Young Horses also gave us some additional information about this frankly absurd-sounding PlayStation experience. You, a journalist, will hunt for a missing explorer named Elizabert Megafig on Snaktooth Island while recording findings about Bugsnax in your Bugapedia. (You will first have to scan them with your Snaxscope, obviously.) Along this hero’s journey, you will also meet creatures called, among other names, Flamin’ Cheepoofs and Grumpuses — a revelation that assures me this game is indeed as unhinged as it first sounded.

“All of the Bugsnax you discover interact with the player’s traps and with each other to create satisfying strategies and delicious surprises,” gameplay designer John Murphy wrote in a PlayStation blog post about the game’s release. “The Grumpuses of Snaktooth Island all have their own unique cravings for Bugsnax. It’s your job to catch and feed them those Bugsnax, but how you hunt those snax is up to you!”

Delightful. Just a perfect game concept.

Bugsnax 100% sounds like it was conceived after an especially long bong rip, and I for one cannot wait for every bizarre moment of gameplay.