This Game Lets You Bang Stalin

This Game Lets You Bang Stalin
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Just in case you thought 2020 wasn’t disturbing enough, there’s now a game where you can straight up bang Joseph Stalin. No, not the hot young hipster version. The game is literally called Sex with Stalin, so there’s really no doubt as to what you’re getting yourself into with this one.

Of course there’s a Sex with Stalin game

Besides the name, there also seems to be an actual plot. It’s a choose your own adventure where you can take down Stalin, help him rule the world or simply hit it raw.

“As a young time traveller, you receive the opportunity to meet the greatest dictator of all time — Stalin,” the Steam page reads.

“And then what? Everything’s up to you! Speak with Joseph, reveal his most hidden secrets, give him advice, and help the vozhd come to world domination! Or… show him what true love is!”

The other obvious thing about the game is how overtly sexual and violent it is. The Steam page warns that it has ‘violence, nudity, rude speech, sexual content and blood.’ The trailer depicts some relatively graphic depictions of Stalin in various states of undress. At one point he is also rapping shirtless and dancing in a tutu.

Just normal Soviet things.

Here are some of the other key features of the game, according to Steam:

  • Huge amount of variability, more than 25 completely different endings!
  • The ability to seduce Stalin, and then show him some passion in bed!
  • Tired of tolerating the dictator? Then go for him! Try to stop the tyrant!
  • Unique atmosphere of a bygone era!
  • A plot full of drama and comedy
  • Scenes saturated with good old ultraviolence!
  • Stalin is fully voiced in both English and Russian!
  • The game has a full-fledged educational aspect to it! Don’t know what’s going on? Racking your brains? Relax, Stalinopedia is sure to answer most of your questions!

The whole sexual narrative thing seems to be a common theme from the developer, Boobs Dev, which previous released Sex with the Devil and Boobs Saga: Prepare to Hentai Edition.

We haven’t played the game ourselves so can’t speak for how offensive it may or may not be. So buy at your own risk. But if you’re still reading and interested, Sex with Stalin is current $3.70 on Steam.