Why You Should Change Your NBN Plan Every Six Months

Why You Should Change Your NBN Plan Every Six Months
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One of the biggest changes in NBN plans over the past couple years are the contracts. Gone are the days of having to commit to one or two years. Increasingly, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are opting not to lock customers in — and you should be using that to your advantage. Here’s how to get the most out of NBN deals.

Six month NBN deals

The latest NBN plan trend is to offer discounts, but only for the first six months. The good news is these plans generally don’t have contracts, so you can leave once the discounted monthly price is removed.

While NBN ISP’s are probably hoping to keep customers out of sheer complacency — this doesn’t have to be you.

We recommend shopping around for your next discounted NBN plan deal a few weeks out from your current plan ending. A good way to remember to do this would be setting a reminder or calendar alert.

If you’re in that position right now, or are looking for a new NBN plan anyway, we can help. And if you’re not sure what plan you can get in your home, this tool will help.

NBN 100 plans with six-month discounts

If you’re all about that speed, we have a list of every NBN 100 plan that has a six-month pricing discount attached from Tangerine, Kogan, Superloop, Southern Phone, and Vodafone. They all come with unlimited data and no contract.

The cheapest is Tangerine’s 74.90/month unlimited plan but it also has the lowest typical evening speed at 83Mbps. If you’re looking for something a little speedier,  Superloop comes out on top at $79.95/month for 90Mbps. To get the latter deal you need to use the code Whistleout10FOR6 at checkout. You can read more about this plan here.

Most of these plans are contract-free. The only exception is TPG, which requires a six month commitment, but you can leave right after that.

NBN 50 Plans with six-month discounts

If you don’t mind a slower connection and want to save even more money, you could opt for an NBN 50 plan. These also come with unlimited data and no contracts

Tangerine is again the cheapest option at $59.90 a month for 42Mbps typical evening speeds. The fastest on the list is Internode with 45Mbps typical evening speeds for $59.99 a month.

Like TPG above, Internode requires a six month contract, but then you’re free to leave. The rest are contract-free.