My Neighbour Hayao Is Packed With Gorgeous Ghibli Art

My Neighbour Hayao Is Packed With Gorgeous Ghibli Art
Image: Spoke Art/Abrams

Big, beautiful, coffee table books have become a beacon of hope during quarantine. Basically, if you don’t have time for a movie or to read a regular book, they are easy ways to kick back and escape reality for a few short minutes. If you’re looking to escape reality, why not do it with the legendary Hayao Miyazaki? Gizmodo is excited to premiere a few pages from the book featuring some truly gorgeous Studio Ghibli art.

A brand new book called My Neighbour Hayao was just released that’ll help you fall into another world for a few minutes at a time. Curated by Spoke Art Gallery, who regularly host art exhibits based on the filmmaker’s work, the book features all manner of original paintings, sculpture, embroidery, and more from the gallery’s shows, all collected in one package. Take a look at an exclusive collection of images below:

Princess Mononoke
Totoro Illumination
Porco Rosso

As you can see, there’s a huge amount of varied imagery in the book, both in terms of the films that are tackled, and the mediums artists are using. There’s little doubt these images can make you fall in love with these films all over again.

My Neighbour Hayao is now on sale.