In the First Trailer for Kindred, a Pregnant Woman Is Trapped by Her Partner’s Family

In the First Trailer for Kindred, a Pregnant Woman Is Trapped by Her Partner’s Family
I love Fiona Shaw, but if she started touching my baby belly like that I'd be creeped out too. (Image: IFC Midnight)

A pregnant woman who’s lost her boyfriend finds herself at the mercy of his unusual family, one that seems willing to do anything to control her and her unborn child. The first trailer for Kindred hints at a terrifying, and possibly inescapable, family reunion.

IFC Midnight has released the first trailer for Joe Marcantonio’s Kindred, which stars Tamara Lawrance as Charlotte, a young woman who finds out she and her boyfriend Ben (Kingsman’s Edward Holcroft) are expecting a child. Her boyfriend is thrilled and the two of them decide to move to Australia to start a new life together. As you can see in the trailer, that doesn’t sit right with Ben’s mother, Margaret (Killing Eve and Channel Zero: Candle Cove’s Fiona Shaw), and the couple’s happy announcement is soon followed by tragedy.

With her boyfriend gone and a baby on the way, Charlotte finds herself a prisoner in Margaret’s lavish home — with Ben’s stepbrother Thomas (Jack Lowden) creepily trying to fill the void that Ben left behind. Charlotte starts getting sick and finds herself having strange hallucinations, which signify that something strange (and possibly supernatural) could be coming her way once the baby is born. In any case, one thing is clear: Margaret is bad news, even if her house is kinda awesome.

Kindred is coming out with a limited theatrical release in some regions, along with a simultaneous home release, on November 7 in the U.S. An Australian release date is currently unconfirmed.