Traffic In New Jersey Stops For UFO Sighting, Which Was Actually The Goodyear Blimp

Traffic In New Jersey Stops For UFO Sighting, Which Was Actually The Goodyear Blimp

When so many of us this year are asking daily “oh god, what now?” some residents of the Garden State looked up to the sky in hope and thought they saw the answer: a UFO. Unfortunately, this was no free ride off our doomed rock.

It seemed to be hovering right around MetLife Stadium on Monday night, where the New York Giants were hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not everyone is into football, however, so excited folks nearby the stadium who didn’t connect the dots were excitedly posting video of the sighting to Twitter and TikTok, according to WUSA9. Some even captured footage of traffic slowing down and cars pulling off to the side of the road so drivers could witness the “event” in progress:

It even began spreading beyond just Jersey Twitter too:

Video of the supposed UFO was also quite popular on TikTok. One video drew millions of views and currently sits at 676,000 likes. Personally, my first response to seeing a UFO wouldn’t be to post it on social media. No, it would be to chase after it screaming “Please, take me with you!”

Alas, it was quickly pointed out to posters that this was a far more Earthbound high-tech vehicle: the Goodyear blimp. Though some doubled down and cried “conspiracy” when confronted with the news:

This isn’t to disparage the intelligence of the people of the fine state of New Jersey or of people who believe in UFOs. Jersey is a fine place, and don’t let a bunch of snobby New Yorkers tell you otherwise. And I can totally understand the desire to look up to the sky while longing for something, anything, to hang my hopes on. UFOs descending on MetLife Stadium could have been the only positive thing to happen this year.

Real UFOs do exist, maybe not alien craft as we assume, but there are weird things popping up in our skies that are unidentifiable and currently unexplainable. It’s hard to discount UFOs entirely when we’re learning more about then every few months, it seems, from our own government.