The Next Nissan Z Car May Not Go On Sale For Three More Years, Or 15 Years After The Current Car

The Next Nissan Z Car May Not Go On Sale For Three More Years, Or 15 Years After The Current Car

It felt like Toyota took forever to deliver the current Supra and now Nissan is taking its sweet time developing a convincing replacement to the current Nissan 370Z. A new prototype will finally be revealed on September 15, but we may not be able to buy the car for another three or four years.

Today, Nissan launched a second teaser for its upcoming Nissan Z car, which is believed to update the number nomenclature from the current 370Z up to 400Z. The video shows the sports car through the generations, and we get absolutely zero good looks at anything on the new car except for the daytime-running-light impression.

The first teaser for the car offered a full silhouette showing a front end seemingly inspired by the original 240Z and a rear fastback roofline design that seems inspired by the 300ZX. It’s exciting that we’ll finally see some fresh sporty Nissan sheet metal after what, a decade?

However, earlier last week, Auto Express reported previous rumours that the upcoming new Z car would go on sale next year were inaccurate. Instead, it claims the final production car will be revealed in 2022 and go on sale the following year.

Auto Express also claims it will likely adopt the “400Z” moniker because it’s expected to get a 298 kW version of Nissan’s 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo engine. It’s also expected to sit on a heavily modified platform of the current 370Z’s platform, which is shared among the Infiniti lineup.

Nissan itself has already expressed the design reveal on the 15th of this month will be a prototype, suggesting they will indeed be saving a final, production-ready reveal for a later date.

We all know Nissan has been through hell at least three times in the last few years already, and the current global pandemic is not going to help it reach heaven in the next few years. But come on. If the new Z car is just a modified version of the same engine on a modified version of the same platform, why is it taking 15 years?