The Expanse’s World Is Getting Bigger in a New Comic From Boom Studios

The variant cover of The Expanse #1. (Image: Tigh Walker, Boom Studios)
The variant cover of The Expanse #1. (Image: Tigh Walker, Boom Studios)

Ahead of The Expanse’s fifth season making its debut on Amazon Prime, Boom Studios is further fleshing out the universe of space colonists in a new series from writer Corinna Bechko and artist Alejandro Aragon.

Set between the events of The Expanse’s fourth and fifth seasons, Bechko and Aragon’s series follows outgoing UN Secretary-General Chrisjen Avasarala (played to perfection by Shohreh Aghdashloo in the show) as she finds herself suddenly pulled into yet another sphere of dangerous and complicated politics, when she learns of a massive black market arms operation from ex-Martian marine Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams). Avasarala reasons that if she takes it upon herself to bust the arms ring herself and bring the criminals to justice, she might be able to regain the respect of her peers and the right to her elected position.

But the deeper Avasarala gets into the galaxy’s seedy underbelly — where criminals skirt the law brazenly and think nothing of disposing those who get in their way — she soon realises that the task she’s taken upon herself is far for dangerous than she anticipated.

The cover of The Expanse #1 (Image: W. Scott Forbes/Boom Studios)

The first issue of The Expanse drops on December 2.