Here’s the Episode Release Schedule for The Boys Season 2 in Australia

Here’s the Episode Release Schedule for The Boys Season 2 in Australia
Image: Amazon Prime Video

The Boys has kicked off its second season in style with more guts, gore and garbage than ever before. If you’ve already plowed through the first three episodes, you might be looking for your next quick fix. While season one dropped in a single, bingeworthy hit, The Boys Season 2 is doing things differently — each episode will drop weekly on Amazon.

While it’s a shame you can’t sit down and completely devour every episode at once, it does mean there’s something great to look forward to every Friday.

The Boys currently airs exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and subscribers can catch new episodes in the early afternoons. (Episodes 1-3 dropped around 12 p.m. AEST but no exact timeframe is set for when episodes land.)

Here’s when you can catch every episode in Australia:

  • Episode Four: September 11
  • Episode Five: September 18
  • Episode Six: September 25
  • Episode Seven: October 2
  • Episode Eight (FINALE): October 9

This schedule means the finale is set to air on Friday, October 9 if you just want to sit back and enjoy the show in one massive chunk. If the major cliffhangers of the first three episodes proved to be too much, this might be a better option for you. Alternatively, the weekly schedule gives you ample time to get hyped for the next offering.

If you’re subscribing to Amazon Prime Video just to watch The Boys, note you’ll need to pay for at least two months of access to continue watching the whole show. During this timeframe, you’ll also get a bunch of exclusive Prime benefits you should definitely take advantage of, including a free monthly audiobook from Audible and free shipping on select overseas orders.

The Boys Season 2 continues streaming with episode four this Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

Stay tuned to Gizmodo Australia for more reviews and news about The Boys as we learn it. With season three already in the works, there’s sure to be plenty more to come from this ‘totally diabolical’ series.