Someone Used A Jeep Wrangler Soft Top And Some Ingenuity To Turn A Scion xB Into A Convertible Pickup

Spotted recently on I-80 not far from Sacramento, California, was a Scion xB pickup with a bicycle hanging out of its cargo bed. But this isn’t just a typical xB pickup. (Yes, I said typical, because apparently chopping up xBs is a thing.) No, it’s a convertible xB pickup, with what looks like a Jeep Wrangler soft top clamped to the car’s roof rails.

Jalopnik reader David Carbonell sent these photos of a gentleman driving down the highway in a custom Scion xB, a vehicle that — and you wouldn’t know it by looking at these photos — was actually sold as an economy car and not as a heavy-duty, bicycle-hauling convertible pickup.

Google “Scion xB pickup” and you’ll be surprised at how many truck-ified xBs you’ll find (and you’ll even find the “Toyota bB Open Deck” pickup designed by Toyota itself). The vehicle’s hilariously boxy shape lends itself to cool customisations, so I get it. That said, I’m not sure I quite get this:

Photo: David Carbonell

There appears to be glass behind the driver’s seat, so this is a regular-cab pickup conversion. But the rear doors don’t look to have been welded shut, and given the fact that there’s a soft top over the front half of the bed, I have to wonder if there are still provisions in place for seats. And if so, is it awesome sitting in the open-air second row of the Scion, or is it strange looking at a pane of glass and not being able to shut the windows when it rains?

Photo: David Carbonell

Actually, perhaps it is possible to close windows by zipping the Jeep Wrangler’s clear plastic windows onto the top and then buttoning them onto the door and B-pillar. Those look like buttons in the photo above, right?

Photo: David Carbonell

I’m confused, but in a good way. This is the kind of wackiness we need more of in this world.