So the iPhone 12 Launch Event Might Also Be Delayed

So the iPhone 12 Launch Event Might Also Be Delayed
Image: Gizmodo

A few weeks back Apple confirmed the release of the new iPhone 12 range would be delayed. But now it seems like the launch event may be, too.

iPhone 12 launch delay

Rumours about an iPhone 12 delay have been circulating over the last few months. Apple then confirmed this at the beginning of August in an earnings call.

It was unclear whether the sale delay would impact the September launch event, but according to the latest rumours that may be the case.

According to Mac Otakara sources, the iPhone 12 launch event may be bumped back to late October. In previous years it has been held in early to mid September.

The site also states that the Apple Watch Series 6 and the new Apple AirTags will be unveiled at the same event.

Interestingly, a few weeks back renowned leaker Jon Prosser suggested the new Apple Watch and iPads would be announced via press release this year.

Since we now have two pieces of conflicting information its unclear what will actually happen. That being said, the Apple Watch has never been announced separate to a new iPhone before.

That being said, Prosser is also predicting an October iPhone 12 launch event.

Here’s everything else we know about the iPhone 12 so far.

Apple AirTags

The AirTags that Mac Otakara mentioned were reportedly scheduled to release at the same time as the 2020 iPhone SE. Now it seems like they’ll be part of the iPhone 12 launch.

The AirTags are a bluetooth tracking device that have been mentioned in iOS betas for quite some time now. Apple also accidentally leaked it on YouTube once. Whoops. It’s basically a competitor to products like Tile.

It’s said to run on a replaceable battery and, according to the iOS 14 code, can be enabled ‘in bulk’. We’re presuming this means you can have multiple AirTags activated on your Apple account at any given time.

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