RIP ADSL and Cable: Optus Has Scrapped These Older Internet Plans

RIP ADSL and Cable: Optus Has Scrapped These Older Internet Plans
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The internet times they are a-changing. Optus has confirmed to Gizmodo Australia that it is no longer selling ADSL or cable internet plans.

Older Optus plans are no more

Over the last few days ADSL and cable internet plans disappeared from the Optus website. This means they are no longer an option for new customers or current customers looking to swap to these plans.

This isn’t entirely surprising. While the NBN roll out across the nation certainly hasn’t been delivered on time, it is growing. Eventually we’ll see the end of older internet plans across all Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

But for the time being, major ISPs like Telstra and TPG are still offering ADSL plans.

In place of the older plans, Optus has NBN as well as mobile broadband across 4G and 5G.

“Optus offers an array of plans and deals to ensure our customers can connect to our best network ever with a plan that suits their needs, whether that’s NBN home internet, 4G Home Internet or 5G Home Internet,” an Optus spokesperson said in an email to Gizmodo Australia.

For customers who are on one of these sunset plans, they won’t be disappearing quite yet. This is important because the NBN still isn’t available everywhere. Optus has confirmed with Gizmodo that they will continue supporting current ADSL and cable plans until NBN becomes available.

“For those customers who are currently on an Optus ADSL or cable internet plan, they will be able to switch over to the NBN or 5G as soon as these options become available in their area,” Optus said.

It’s unclear how many Optus customers are on ADSL or cable internet plans.

Can I get NBN yet?

If you’re on an ADSL or cable plan and aren’t sure if you can get NBN yet, we have a tool that will tell you:

Once you put in your address and you’re taken to the landing page, hover your mouse above the little information bubble. This will tell you if you can get NBN and what type of connection is available. This is important too, because not all NBN connections are equal.

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