Old Toyota Survives The New James Bond Trailer While Shiny Land Rovers Get Mulched

Land Rover (and Jaguar) have been pretty big fixtures in James Bond movies, which makes sense because of the shared Britishness, but I couldn’t help but notice all the Rovers kind of get womped in today’s new No Time To Die trailer while an old Toyota triumphantly escapes destruction!

Dare I say the new Bond movie is… realistic?! Zing! Just kidding, I respect all builds. Rovers are cool, not widebody Montero cool, but anyway. If you haven’t seen this already, put your headphones on and full-screen it:


Screenshot: No Time To Die
Screenshot: No Time To Die

I enjoyed a chuckle.

I’m pretty sure that’s a Range Rover Sport doing a StarFox-style barrel roll, and it doesn’t look like the landing is about to be graceful. The white SUV, which I momentarily thought was a Montero (I got very excited), is definitely a Toyota. Specifically, I’m pretty sure that’s a ’90s Land Cruiser Prado which is like a slightly lighter-duty Land Cruiser. A version of it has been sold in America as the Lexus GX.

Land Rovers are clearly getting a lot of screen time, regardless. And I can’t wait to watch this gaggle of Defenders go into a glorious formation flight on a screen bigger than my laptop’s:

Screenshot: No Time To Die

But I just think it’s kind of funny that, even in James Bond fantasy land, the only SUV that seems to escape from calamity and the wilderness is a modest old Toyota while the new and shiny Land Rovers get tossed and crunched.

This movie looks awesome, by the way.