Magic: The Gathering Is Getting a Whole Dungeons & Dragons Set Next Year

Magic: The Gathering Is Getting a Whole Dungeons & Dragons Set Next Year
Untap those cards to gather your party and venture forth! (Image: Wizards of the Coast)

This is far from the first collaboration between the two powerhouses of Wizards of the Coast’s tabletop games — but it’s the first time D&D has really come to Magic in a major way.

Announced today as part of a livestream celebrating the upcoming Zendikar Rising set for Magic, Wizards of the Coast revealed its current roadmap for Magic sets due to release over the course of 2021. Beyond Zendikar, they include Kaldheim, a Viking-themed set; two untitled sets based around werewolves and vampires in the gothic horror-inspired world of Innistrad; and Strixhaven: School of Mages, a newly themed set around a magical university. There’s also two returning favourites in the form of Time Spiral Remastered and Modern Horizons 2.

But most interesting of all was the reveal of Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, a set dedicated entirely to the lands of the beloved RPG. No further details about the cards were announced beyond a winter 2021 release window.

Get ready to buy lots of cards. (Image: Wizards of the Coast) Get ready to buy lots of cards. (Image: Wizards of the Coast)

Like we said, this is far from the first example of some incredibly nerdy cross-pollination. Up until this point, D&D/Magic crossovers have leaned much more in the direction of the fabled RPG. Early online releases of special rules for playing in some of Magic’s myriad planes of existence gave way to the Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica in 2018, an entire 5th Edition sourcebook for playing in the famous Magic realm of technomancy.

In terms of D&D in Magic however, things have been a little more slight — there’s only been one card in the form of the Sword of Dungeons & Dragons, a special collector card unplayable in any Magic format that appeared in the Unstable and Unsanctioned card sets. So getting an entire set themed around D&D is a pretty major step up on Magic’s end!

We’ll bring you more about Adventures in the Forgotten Realms as and when we learn it.

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