Lupin III: The First Assembles His Band of Thieves in the First Full Trailer

Lupin III: The First Assembles His Band of Thieves in the First Full Trailer
You rang? (Image: GKids Films)

The gentleman thief might think he’s after a diary that points to untold treasures, but what he actually finds is his destiny to save the world. GKids has unveiled the first trailer for Lupin the Third’s latest globe-trotting caper that gives Bond, James Bond a run for his money.

Lupin III: The First, the latest film in the Lupin the Third franchise, is finally coming to the United States after debuting in Japan last year. As you can see in the trailer, it promises to be an entertaining romp through the worlds of international thievery, heroism, and, of course, stopping Nazis.

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Lupin the Third tells the story of world-famous thief Lupin III (Tony Oliver) trying to get his hands on the legendary Bresson Diary — not only so he can unlock the secrets that connect this diary to his ancestor, the legendary Arsène Lupin, but also to ensure that a group of evildoers with delusions of world conquest don’t use it to revive the Third Reich.

The English language dub sees Oliver, Doug Erholtz, Michelle Ruff, Richard Epcar, and Lex Lang returning to their iconic roles. In addition, Laurie C. Hymes, J. David Brimmer, and Paul Guyet have also joined the cast. You can also check out the subtitled trailer here.

According to a press release, the movie will get a limited two-night theatrical release on October 18 (dubbed in English) and October 21 (subtitled in English) in the U.S. — despite the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. Stay tuned for news of an Australian cinema release.

For those choosing to wait to return to theatres until the pandemic has passed, Lupin the Third will also be getting a home release later this year; GKids promises the date for that will be announced soon.