LG Wing: Australia Might Not Get the Crucifix Phone

LG Wing: Australia Might Not Get the Crucifix Phone

This week the LG Wing was officially unveiled. I’ve been excited about the new device because it looks wild and I’m bored of plain black phones. Alas, it might not ever make its way to Australia.

The LG Wing is compromised of two displays — a primary 6.8-inch and a secondary 3.9-inch. The latter pops out to create a T-shaped device that gives me the uncontrollable urge to call for an old priest and a young priest.

This means you can multi-task with apps – like having maps up on the primary display and your music on the baby display. It even has Multi App functionality that lets you lunch two apps across both displays with one button press.

One thing that sounds kinda cool to me is using the second display as a media controller while you’re streaming on the primary.

LG Wing

But the LG Wing isn’t just a pretty, yet chaotic, face. There’s also a bit going down in the bowels of the device.

Here you’ll find a Snapdragon 765G processor (which means it has 5G), 8GB RAM, 128GB storage and a 4,000mAH battery.It also has a triple rear camera array sporting a 64MP primary camera, 12MP wide camera and 13Mp ultra-wide camera.

As for the selfie cam, LG has clearly been taking notes from Oppo because it’s a 32MP pop-up camera.

But where it gets interesting super is the Gimbal Mode which, like the same suggests, let’s you use the two screens to make the device work like a Gimbal. This includes panning, tilting and locking onto your subject.

LG wing

LG Wing x Australia

Earlier this month I theorised the LG Wing would come to Australia. This was mostly due to the hype we were getting from LG locally. And look, fair. But unfortunately there’s a chance it may not happen.

“Please note, the ranging of LG WING has yet to be determined for the Australian market, we will advise once more information is available,” an LG spokesperson said in over email.

We’re not sure if the power of Christ will compel LG to bring this thing out here, but I’m holding out hope.