Bring Your Ceiling to Life With These 10 Galaxy Projectors

Bring Your Ceiling to Life With These 10 Galaxy Projectors

Take the stars home – literally – with a galaxy projector to fill your home with the shiniest celestial bodies.

Space, as Douglas Adams famously observed, is big. Adams then went on to talk about how far it was to the local chemist, and while that may feel quite a ways away for many of us right now, space is even further away.

It doesn’t have to be that way – at least virtually – with a galaxy projector.

What’s a galaxy projector?

It’s a projector that projects galaxies, as the name suggests.

To be just a touch more precise, it’s a catch-all term for projectors that typically project some kind of starfield, usually designed to be pointed at the ceiling of a room. Some models will offer differing star fields, or planets and galaxies, while others may include embedded music or other added features.

The essential features are basically just a light source and a star pattern of some sort, but there’s quite a bit of scope for a galaxy projector to do more than that.

Why would I want one?

There’s a few different use cases for galaxy projectors, but just to name a few:

To help you sleep at night
Have you ever slept under the stars? It can be an amazing experience, but the outside world also has its fair share of cold weather, bugs and other discomforts. Having the stars above you while you sleep can make that tricky task of relaxing down for some serious Zs much easier.

To create a romantic atmosphere
Got that “special” question to ask? Get the stars on your side – as long as you’re happy that your prospective partner will view it as cute rather than cheesy.

To enhance entertainment
Line up a lengthy session of Elite Dangerous, set Kubrick’s classic 2001: A Space Oddysey to play – whatever takes your fancy that could feel even more immersive when you’re in a room that is quite literally full of stars, whether that’s a family movie night, a wedding  or your next party.

What are my Galaxy projector options?

There’s a wide range of projectors that will fling star fields indoors at a range of price points. Here’s some options available on Amazon Australia:

Aled Light 3 in 1 Star Projector $35

A galaxy light that can switch between stars, moons or projected waves.

Renxin Star Projector $38.99

If you’re after stars in a range of colours, Renxin’s projector can switch between four different colour sets

Lightworld 6 Colour Star Projector $58.59

A Wi-Fi connected star projector with colour selection from a companion app.

Dongzhen Star Night Light Projector $60.99

A 3 mode galaxy projector with voice activation and an automatic power-off option.

Brightworld Moon Lamp $29.90

A globe-shaped lamp with starfields inside, which could be a good match if you want a simple light for your kids to fall asleep to.

Greenic Romantic Star Projector $9.99

A very simple, very inexpensive USB starfield projector.

Tomnew Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector $29.99

While the focus is more on projected water patterns, this projector comes with included speakers if you want music with your light shows.

Café 63 Star Night Light For Kids $29.99

A projector with modes covering a starry sky and a universe pattern, as well as a happy birthday message and a cover so it can do double duty as a night light.

OxyLED Moon Lamp $39.99

A projector doesn’t have to look like a lump of tech – this lamp is a full sphere, so you could also use it as a shiny prop at your next magical-themed party.

Amazer-T 2 in 1 Ocean Undersea Lamp and Starry Sky Projector $21.95

A spherical projector with multiple patterns, 6 colours and either USB or AAA battery charging.

Editor’s note: Descriptions and features are as taken from manufacturer/seller claims and user reviews on Amazon.

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