5 Ergonomic Wrist Pads to Reduce Injuries From Using Your PC

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Image: Amanda Yeo

Save strain on your wrists and pain in your arms with this selection of ergonomic wrist pads and mousepads.

For a lot of us, our keyboards and mice are the way we communicate with the world, play games or make an actual living, all of which are activities we tend to welcome.

Considerably less welcome are the aches and pains that can build up from repeating computing use. Maybe not the first time you sit down at your keyboard, but over time and as your body ages, it’s easier and easier to do actual damage and cause genuine pain from even short sessions at your computer.

The solutions to this can be complex, but a good wrist rest for your mouse or keyboard – or both – can go some way to helping you work in a more ergonomic fashion, reducing wear and tear and promoting good wrist support habits.

The key aspect here – and one that many folks get wrong – is that a wrist pad shouldn’t be entirely used when you’re typing or operating your mouse. In that space, most experts advise you to raise your wrists to accommodate your typing or mousing action. However, in-between word entry or selection clicking, your natural response is likely to be to drop your wrists. That’s where a wrist pad can be beneficial, because the ideal here is to have your arms and wrists in a neutral position.

That’s very important, because simply having a wrist rest but using it to prop up your hands while you type is a recipe for worse strain problems than not having one at all. You need to consider products of this type as part of an overall ergonomic solution that includes your sitting or standing posture, how many breaks you take when using your computer and of course the nature of the keyboard and mouse that you’re using.

Here’s some wrist rest options from Amazon for keyboards and mice for you to consider.

Kensington 62401 Gel Series Mouse Pad $33.95
Kensington’s Mouse Pad includes a gel-based wrist pad to allow your hands to naturally rest when you’re not busy clicking.

VicTsing Mouse and Keyboard Wrist Rest Support Pad Set $16.99
VicTsing’s set gives you a simple detached keyboard and mouse rest with memory foam for support.

Trixes Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest $8.99
If you’re on a limited budget, Trixes’ simple Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest could be a good option.

Geecol Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Pad Set $35.99
Geecol’s wrist support set features a grooved design that it claims provides better support for your keyboard and mousing needs.

Motyya Extended Gaming Mouse Pad & Upgraded Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad & Mouse Wrist Cushion
A 3-in-1 set that includes a simple wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse, as well as an extended gaming mousemat.

Editor’s note: Descriptions and features are as taken from manufacturer/seller claims and user reviews on Amazon.

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