Dune Not Miss These Awesome New Funko Pops

Dune Not Miss These Awesome New Funko Pops
Jedi Training Luke and Leia are just a few of the upcoming Pops. (Photo: Funko)

Only in a Funko Pop article can you write about Dune, Up, Star Wars, and Pizza Rat and it all makes perfect sense.

Those are among the many new Pops the toy company revealed this week as we enter the end-of-year movie and convention season. Or, more accurately, what would have been the end-of-year movie and convention season if the world wasn’t still facing a global pandemic. The Pops will flow either way though, so check out this awesome collection coming soon to a website near you.


Photo: FunkoPhoto: Funko

You’ve seen the trailer, now buy the Pops. Soon, at least.

Exclusive Paul

Photo: FunkoPhoto: Funko

You want Paul? You’ve got Paul. Here he is, looking all dapper.

This Is Fine

Photo: FunkoPhoto: Funko

You know the meme thanks to KC Green, now own the Pop.

Young Carl and Ellie

Photo: FunkoPhoto: Funko

And they lived happily ever after…right? Don’t tell me, I haven’t seen it yet.

New York Pops

Photo: FunkoPhoto: Funko

When you think New York, you think pigeons and rats. So Funko was going to celebrate the Big Apple’s biggest comic convention with Pops of the most famous rat in New York, Pizza Rat, and a superhero pigeon.

Jedi Training

Photo: FunkoPhoto: Funko

These are too cool. It’s figures of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa in their Jedi training outfits from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which were going to be NYCC exclusives as well. Thanks to Yahoo for this and the next one.

Another Baby

Photo: FunkoPhoto: Funko

Yes. Another Baby Yoda Funko Pop. This one has the medallion from the end of the season, though.

For more on all these Pops, including updates about when they go on sale, follow @OriginalFunko on Twitter.

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