Don’t Expect iPhone 12 at Apple’s September Event

Don’t Expect iPhone 12 at Apple’s September Event

Overnight finally announced its annual September event. But don’t get too excited to see the iPhone 12 just yet, because you might not.

Regardless of what we see, this month’s Apple event will take place on September 16 here in Australia. The live stream will kick off at 3am AEST. That will be 2:30am ACST and 1am AWST.

Rumours rumour rumours

For the last couple of months there has been talk of the iPhone 12 release being delayed, with Apple even confirming this. But there was uncertainty around whether this would actually delay the September unveiling.

Some of the most recent rumours said yes, speculating that the iPhone 12 launch would be pushed back to October. We don’t know how true this is, but reports have indicated this is because the handsets aren’t actually ready yet. And despite today’s event reveal from Apple, they may still be right.

Renowned leakers such as Jon Prosser have been saying for awhile that the new Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air 4 would be announced separately to the iPhone 12 this year. But this rumour centered around them being announced via a simple press release.

And this is where they may have been wrong. Yes, they probably will be separate. But they also might not be banished to a press release.

Clues in Apple’s invite make it seem like this September event is all about these two products.

Apple Watch Series 6

The most obvious clue is the tagline ‘Time Flies’ which I probably don’t need to analyse for you.

Apple Watch Series 6 has had some big rumours attached to it this year. There’s talk of a redesign that will remove the digital crown. And then there’s the reports of a cheaper ‘Apple Watch SE’ model being introduced.

iPad Air 4

A new iPad also seems to be on the horizon and the internet seems to think it will be the iPad Air 4.

Regardless of what kind of iPad it is, Apple’s event invite is certainly indicating there will be one. The strokes that make up the Apple logo in the invite sure look like they were drawn with an Apple Pencil.

Apple’s September Event

Apple did a slick job with its pre-recorded WWDC announcements a few months back. So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that it would flip the script regarding iPhone 12 delays. If it’s going to be streamed anyway, why not have two events instead of one?

It’s entirely possible that if this is an Apple Watch and iPad event that they whet our appetite with a little peak at iPhone 12. They may even give us the launch date at the end of the event.

Of course, this take could be wrong. Maybe the iPhone 12 will indeed launch next week. Just don’t count on it.

Disclosure: the author owns 12 shares in Apple.