Deals: Vodafone Is Flogging Cheap Phone Plans With 100GB Data

cheap vodafone phone plan

If you’re looking for a cheap phone plan with heaps of data, Vodafone has you covered. The telco is offering 100GB plans for just $45 a month. Considering that Vodafone usually flogs 10GB data for $40, this is a pretty damn good deal.

Cheap Vodafone phone plan

There’s actually a few cheap Vodafone phone plans floating around at the moment, but this is definitely the stand out. It also comes with a 12-month subscription to Amazon Prime Video (we recommend you watch the first season of Harley Quinn immediately) and unlimited call minutes to eligible Zone 1 countries and 200 mins to selected Zone 2 countries.

It’s worth noting that the $45 per month deal is just for the first 12 months. After that the price will go up to $60 a month. However, it’s a contract-free plan so you can always bounce once the deal expires.

Here’s the widget for the plan:

If you’re wondering how this compares to similar data plans in market, we got you. Circles.Life is the only carrier that comes close and is even $7 cheaper a month than Vodafone’s deal. However, it doesn’t come with the bonuses we mentioned above. That being said, if those things aren’t important to you, Circles is a good option and the telco is powered by the Optus network.

The 50GB plan for $35 per month is also a pretty good price, but again it’s just for the first 12 months. You also don’t get the Amazon Prime Video subscription on this one and it only has 100 minutes of international calls to Zone 1 countries.

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I want a phone too, please

If you’re looking for a phone as well, Vodafone’s cheap phone plans can be paired with one. Here’s some of the most popular phones in Australia right now that you can get through Vodafone:

How to get Vodafone cheaper

You can actually knock down these prices even further by bundling multiple services on your account. Vodafone will take 5 per cent off your total monthly bill for every postpaid plan (after your first) that you have across mobile, tablet, mobile broadband and NBN). This can go up to a maximum of 20 per cent off the total monthly bill, which would be five total services.

Vodafone NBN

And since many of us are still stuck at home right now, it’s worth mentioning that Vodafone is also in the NBN game. The telco has only offered broadband plans for a few years so you might not be sure if they’re actually any good. Fortunately we took a close look at them so you don’t have to open 400 tabs to compare them yourself. You can read it right here.



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