This Tool Compares Telstra and Optus 5G Coverage Maps

This Tool Compares Telstra and Optus 5G Coverage Maps
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With more 5G phones landing in Australia you may be wondering if you can actually get 5G in your area. Now you can easily find out by checking out this Telstra and Optus 5G coverage map tool.

5G Coverage Map

This 5G coverage comparison was created by Whistleout, the folks who create those fancy phone and NBN plan plans you may have seen on site before.

This interactive map lets you see whether 5G has come to your area on the Telstra or Optus network yet. Considering that 5G is still rolling out across Australia, it’s quite handy. It also saves you from having to open multiple tabs to do it manually.

You may notice that Vodafone 5G coverage isn’t included. This is because it is still predominantly in the testing phase in select areas such as Parramatta.

And if you want something even less hands on, this tool will tell you if your address has 5G coverage. All you need to do is add your address when searching for a phone plan and the internet squirrels will let you know if you’re in luck. You’re welcome.

optus 5G coverage map

5G coverage will display in the darkest shade of purple. We recommend deselecting the 4G and 3G boxes to see 5G coverage only. Our example above shows the 5G coverage map of the Sydney CBD on the Optus network.

What if I don’t have 5G coverage?

Every Aussie telco is still rolling out 5G – that’s just the nature of new networks! But the map also shows what coverage across Telstra, Optus and Vodafone is like on their 4G and 3G networks as well. This may not seem useful in 2020, but I beg to differ.

Before hiking in a remote area of Tasmania last year, this map would have revealed a lack of Vodafone coverage. With that in mind I known that picking up a temporary Telstra SIM for added safety would have been a good choice.

Telstra phones

If you’re interested in a 5G device and want to know what Telstra has on offer, here’s a list:

Optus phones

And these are the 5G devices available from Optus