Wonder Woman 3 Will Probably Be Patty Jenkins’ Last

Wonder Woman 3 Will Probably Be Patty Jenkins’ Last
Jenkins on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 getting some notes for the Princess of the Amazons. (Image: Warner Bros.)

Get a new look at Disney+’s Kate Bishop for Hawkeye. Denis Villeneuve discusses the race to finish Dune. New Star Trek: Discovery art gives us a small glimpse of future Starfleet tech. Plus, Sam Neill’s got a hat, and the heroes of the DC-CW universe just want you to wear a mask. To me, my Spoilers!

Illustration: Jim Cooke Illustration: Jim Cooke


In a recent interview with Zaavi, director Keith Thomas (The Vigil) revealed his next project will be a remake of Stephen King’s Firestarter for Blumhouse based on a script by Halloween Kills co-writer, Scott Teems.

When Jason [Blum] pitched it to me it was exciting, as that’s one of my favourite Stephen King novels, and whilst I really like the 1980’s film, I felt we could do something new.

The screenplay is by Scott Teems who wrote the upcoming Halloween Kills, it’s an amazing script. It has everything you would want, people’s heads catching fire and their faces melting off, and a dad and daughter on the run trying to survive being chased in this heightened tense experience. We are hoping to film it this year, and it will be a lot of fun.

Jurassic World: Dominion

Sam Neill’s got a hat. We repeat: Sam Neill’s got a hat.


Denis Villeneuve revealed to Indiewire he must now “sprint to finish” his film adaptation of Dune in order to meet its December 26 release date.

I was planning to go back and shoot some elements later because I wanted to readjust the movie. I needed time. At the time I didn’t know that it would be a pandemic…as we were about to go back to do those elements. The impact was that it crushed my schedule right now. It will be a sprint to finish the movie on time right now, because we were allowed to go back to shoot those elements in a few weeks…it meant also that I have to finish some elements of the movie, like VFX and the editing, being in Montreal as my crew stayed in Los Angeles.

Wonder Woman 3

Speaking with German Magazine Geek, (via @DCMovieNews2) Patty Jenkins revealed Wonder Woman 3 will “probably be her last” film in the franchise.

[Wonder Woman 1984] gave me a chance to do a lot of things that I couldn’t accommodate in the first movie. I was so happy to tell the Wonder Woman origin story. It was almost her birth, but we really haven’t seen what she is capable of. It is exciting for me to show her at the peak of her strength. But it is also very important that she fights an internal struggle: she is a Goddess and tries to help humanity. She is not only someone who fights evil, she tries to show bad people how to improve. It’s an interesting dilemma.

The next one is probably my last Wonder Woman movie, so I have to put everything I want to show there. We have to think carefully.

The Devil All the Time

Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Antonio Campos’ adaptation of David Ray Pollock’s southern gothic novel, which includes “a sacrificial prayer log,” “a spider-eating holy man” and a “murderous” husband-and-wife photography team who “do killings for their own version of distorted art.” Lovely stuff! The film is also packed with stars: Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Riley Keough, Sebastian Stan, Haley Bennett, and Mia Wasikowska among others.

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Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest

Meanwhile, a family discovers their new nanny is actually the Baba Yaga in the trailer for Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest.

Star Trek: Discovery/Star Trek: Lower Decks

Ensigns Mariner and Boimler are joined by Michael Burnham (sporting a fancy new Starfleet combadge) for a new poster heralding the incoming 23 weeks of non-stop Star Trek.

The Sandman

According to The Illuminerdi, Black Mirror and Doctor Who director Toby Haynes has joined Netflix’s The Sandman for “an undisclosed number of episodes.”


Andy Park has released concept art of Kate Bishop as she’ll appear in the upcoming Hawkeye television series at Disney+.


Shining Knight brings snacks for the JSA in a clip from tonight’s episode of Stargirl.

The Arrowverse

Finally, the CW (via Comic Book) has released a new a roster of DC posters encouraging fans to please, in the name of Beebo, wear a mask during our ongoing global pandemic.

Photo: The CW Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW Photo: The CW

Banner art by Jim Cooke.