Warn (The Winch Company) Is Making Jeep Wheels And They Look Pretty Good

Warn (The Winch Company) Is Making Jeep Wheels And They Look Pretty Good

Warn is hardly the only company making the kind of winches you often see mounted on truck bumpers, but it’s probably the best-known. The brand is also fairly famous for making manual locking hubs, which I’ll get into in a minute. Now it’s doing a few wheel designs and they look decent!

Warn Epic Wheels, as they’re called, are meant for Jeep Wrangler JKs, current-gen JLs, and JT pickups. They’re hub-centric cast-aluminium wheels sized 17×8.5 with a 5×5 (5×127) bolt pattern and 0 offset.

The press release that went out this week also mentions their durability but does not apologise for saying that these wheels are “epic” like it just watched 300 for the first time:

WARN Epic Wheels are TPMS-compatible and work with factory lug nuts. They’re also tested to meet stringent SAE J2530 certification for durability, ensuring a long service life both on and off the trail. Additionally, WARN Epic Wheels are covered by a lifetime structural warranty.


Said release also does not include the weight specs but, update, Warn’s comms people told me the wheels are about 11 kg.

I was able to find the price on Warn’s site though; it seems every wheel lists for $US259.99 ($362) apiece. As far as truck wheels go, that’s not cheap but it’s not outrageous. Warn’s a better-tier brand in the off-road world, so I think it’s reasonably safe to assume that these are well made. The lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt the vibe there, either.

There are three designs: Diamond Cutter, Jackhammer, and Moonsault. These sound like a bunch of Dwight Schrute computer passwords to me, but I’m not about to hold a goofy name against a good product. You can get any of those in a few colours. Here, take a look:

Diamond Cutter in Black and Gunmetal (Photo: Warn)
Jackhammer in Black and Gunmetal (Photo: Warn)
Moonsault in Black and Gunmetal (Photo: Warn)

All the designs look pretty cool, and the little “looks like a manually locking hub” centre cap flourish is cute.

For those of you unfamiliar, back in your dad’s day a lot of 4WD trucks required you to exit the vehicle and physically turn these big clickers in the centre of both front wheels before dropping into four-wheel drive. Sometimes people still add this to newer 4x4s because they think it’s more robust and reliable. I think they’re bonkers, but I guess a little leg stretch never really hurts!