Tron 3 May Finally Go Ahead With Jared Leto and a New Director

Tron 3 May Finally Go Ahead With Jared Leto and a New Director
The Jared Leto Tron is back on. (Photo: Disney-Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for Gucci, Getty Images)

So it seems that whole Tron 3 thing may be happening again.

After literally years of back and forth with different stars and directors, Deadline now reports director Gareth Davis, who made the 2016 Oscar nominee Lion, has been hired to direct a third Tron which, yes, would star Jared Leto.

According to the report, “Davis aggressively pursued the job and his take won over Disney execs in the end.” Which is encouraging. Gizmodo has reached out to Disney for comment and will update this story if and when that happens.

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As reported in the above article, Tron 3 has had a rough development. For years Disney has flirted with different directors, actors, takes, and more. Leto became part of the equation back in 2017, seven years after the release of Tron: Legacy. However, after some movement, that quickly cooled. Then, earlier this year, the grid started heating up again, leading to today’s news.

It’s also very important to note, though, that Davis’ attachment does not guarantee the film is happening. It’s an important step but Deadline reports “a greenlight has not been given” and the film is “still in development.”

So basically, there’s a very good chance that Davis’ attachment will come to be just another long footnote on the Tron 3 Wikipedia page. On the other hand, it could be the first quarter that brings Flynn’s Arcade back to life.