The New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Guidebook Has Some Tantalising Secrets

The New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Guidebook Has Some Tantalising Secrets
A crop from the cover of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Traveller's Guide to Batuu. (Image: Lucasfilm )

Everything about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is meant to feel real, as if you’re leaving a Disney park and going to the Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. All the sodas are in special alien packages, nothing inside says “Disney,” and all the cast members are in character. It’s basically a Star Wars vacation and the only thing missing is an informative guidebook. Now it has one and we’re sharing our favourite tidbits.

Lucasfilm Publishing recently released Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Traveller’s Guide to Batuu. Written by “Eloc Throno” (aka Cole Horton ” remember, everything is in-universe), it’s a 144-page, hardcover guide to all the ins and outs of the Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu.

For example, the book explains how the Outpost came to be the place it is. The ins and outs of each store and restaurant are broken down and given some context. We learn more about Oga, who runs the cantina; Dok-Ondar, who runs the Den of Antiquities; and every single droid and plant you find in the area. All the languages and unique phrases are detailed. There’s so much information, you kind of don’t have to go to the theme park. It’s all right here. (Which is particularly helpful during a global pandemic.)

However, while the book is chock full of fun facts, there are also some intriguing and tantalising teases throughout. With the knowledge that Disney wants to expand its realm in the years and decades to come, these little mentions or name drops could end up being fortuitous. Here are our favourites.

The map of the area from the book. (Image: Lucasfilm )The map of the area from the book. (Image: Lucasfilm )

Galma District

Black Spire Outpost is just one small place on the larger planet of Batuu, and other nearby locations are detailed in the book. One in particular is the Galma District ” “a short shuttle ride” from Black Spire known for “a rich tradition of high-speed podracing” as well as gambling on said races. Now, if I wanted to build an extension to a theme park, this would make a very convenient, in-universe connection to a potential new thrill ride.

Missing kids

The next town over from Black Spire is called Surabat. And while this village doesn’t have the modern conveniences of Black Spire, there is a creepy passage about it in the book. “Local legend says that this is the site where a group of children disappeared many decades ago, but the generally reserved residents rarely speak of this event to outsiders.” Ummm, what? Maybe that’s a story we can expect to read, or experience, at some point.

Concept art of the Halcyon, which is also seen in the book. (Image: Lucasfilm )Concept art of the Halcyon, which is also seen in the book. (Image: Lucasfilm )

The Halcyon

In the chapter about “Getting to Batuu,” there’s a section about the Halcyon. What’s that? Well, it’s the name of a cruise ship people can take to Batuu. You might know it better by its name in our world, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, the Star Wars hotel that’s currently under construction in Florida. We knew a “trip” there would include a “stop” in Batuu, but being as the hotel is still likely a few years away (pre-covid, it was tentatively dated as 2021), it just nice to see that Lucasfilm synergy in full effect here.

The High Republic

Though it’ll be a good long while until we get a new Star Wars movie, the next big storyline is coming in books ” The High Republic. Batuu will play a role, as the guidebook explains: “during the High Republic, the Jedi established a small research station in the wilds of the planet.” You have to imagine that’s also a tease of something coming down the road.

The New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Guidebook Has Some Tantalising Secrets

Savi’s son

One of the best places at Black Spire Outpost is Savi’s Workshop ” where visitors can build their own lightsabers. The in-world explanation is that Savi has the parts because he’s been collecting scrap for years and does so at a place called “Savi and Son Salvage,” which is loosely described as being somewhere between the Marketplace and Outpost (where the Rise of the Resistance ride is). In the write up though, there’s this very intriguing entry: “As I walk along this path, I often wonder; “˜Who was Savi’s son?’ In all my years travelling to Batuu, I’ve never seen old Savi’s heir.”

Is this a character that will pop up in a future book? Maybe a future addition to the theme park? We don’t know. But teases like that are what make this book so damn cool.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Traveller’s Guide to Batuu by Cole Horton is the next best thing to actually going to Disneyland or Disney World and visiting. It’s available now.