Surprise! In the New Walking Dead Spinoff, Humans Are Still the Real Arseholes

Surprise! In the New Walking Dead Spinoff, Humans Are Still the Real Arseholes
Image: AMC

Have we…considered the possibility…that there’s a chance…that…we are the real monsters?

As we shuffle ever closer to our second Walking Dead spinoff, AMC has dropped a new trailer that introduces us to the world of, well, World Beyond, and its young protagonists who’ve known little more than a life of zombie apocalypse shenanigans, having come of age after the world went to hell. Step aside, Carl (well, you can’t do that anymore, you bit it a while back): these are your new zombie-fightin’ kiddos.

But of course, this is The Walking Dead, and so it’s not just zombies the youths have got to deal with. Everything’s miserable! It’s the post-apocalypse! And that means that the people who are still left among the living are just as sucky, if not arguably more sucky, than the hordes of decaying masses.

Which aren’t actually called “walkers” here, but instead “empties,” which is a nice nod to the fact that these disparate groups of survivors aren’t exactly going to have a singular, coherent lexicon for this bizarre world they’ve grown up in. It’s not like between dodging zombie bites and arsehole renegades everyone across the world had time to get together and collectively decide on a casual term for the undead, right?

The Walking Dead: World Beyond kicks off on October 5 in the U.S., after the main series finally airs its 10th season finale, delayed by the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Stay tuned for news of an Australian release date.

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