More Risky Business

More Risky Business

Tom Cruise has donned a very bad mask — the kind with the valves — and hit a movie theatre in London to watch Tenet, the latest Christopher Nolan palindrome which you should absolutely not go out and see. While none of us are here to harsh on Tom’s cinematic buzz, there are a few issues with this visit. Let’s do a quick rundown.

Our story begins as Mr. Cruise rides past a number of London landmarks and is somehow recognised by a gaggle of ladies on bikes. It’s unclear the context of this interaction but the video seems to suggest that Cruise’s car was giving off some sort of Cruise Signal, a system that allows passersby to recognise the actor even though he’s covering half his money-maker.

Because stars are people just like us, they get let off next to the Costa Coffee at the Odeon BFI IMAX, the only movie theatre in London currently showing Tenet. “Back to the movies!” he exclaims through a mask which, again, the CDC has said many times over is bad!

Screenshot: Tom Cruise Screenshot: Tom Cruise

This all feels like a bad commercial but the actor didn’t hashtag his message with “#ad” or “#sponsored” per FTC guidelines so we are left to assume he’s being genuine.

He is seated in a special Tom Cruise-only section and, oddly, he appears to be the only person social distancing in the theatre. He also seems to have gotten special permission to film, usually a big no-no in movie theatres.

Screenshot: Tom Cruise Screenshot: Tom Cruise

So there you have it: stars get to do amazing things like go to a movie in an actual theatre. Except they wear awful masks with vents that don’t work.

While I definitely want to go to the movies again someday, please stop me if I do it like Cruise does. He may be able to be reborn in the Edge of Tomorrow, but one would assume Cruise doesn’t get to pull the same trick in real life. Neither do those around him. Maybe don’t be so reckless for a PR stunt encouraging others to be reckless, huh?

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