Here He Is, The Batman

Here He Is, The Batman
Got some red on you, Bruce. (Image: Jim Lee/DC Entertainment)

I’d say “finally, Matt Reeves’ Batman steps out of the shadows” but, well, y’know. There’s still a lot of shadowing here.

Ahead of the movie’s upcoming panel at DC FanDome, director Matt Reeves has given us our first decent look at the full costume Robert Pattinson will don as the next incarnation of the Dark Knight in The Batman.

It’s not an actual picture of RBatz himself, but instead a promo poster by DC superstar Jim Lee, depicting the costume in all its glory against a red-soaked Gotham sky. And, frankly, with a much stronger lip game underneath that cowl than our first look at Pattinson’s Batman had.

Image: Jim Lee/DC Entertainment Image: Jim Lee/DC Entertainment

We also get a look at the movie’s logo, which, is well, the words The Batman. And a bat. What else did you expect, really?

Image: DC Entertainment Image: DC Entertainment

The Batman is currently expected to hit U.S. theatres on October 1, 2021. We’ll see more from the film this weekend at DC FanDome on August 23.