Every NBN 1000 and NBN 250 Plan in Australia

Every NBN 1000 and NBN 250 Plan in Australia
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It’s been a few months since NBN Co released its new NBN 1000 and NBN 250 pricing tiers. It’s been a slow trickle from telcos but a few are offering them now. So you don’t have to go find them yourself, we have the every NBN 1000 and NBN 250 plan right here for you.

NBN 1000 Plans

The cheapest NBN 1000 plan you can get right now is through Kogan. It is offering it for $134.90/month for your first six months. After that it will go up to $148.90 per month, but even then it will still be 10 cents cheaper per month than Aussie Broadband and Superloop.

And if competitor pricing gets better during that six month discount period you can always leave Kogan its plans are contract free.

When it comes to speed, Kogan and Superloop are reporting typical speeds of 250Mbps on NBN 1000 plans.

All of these plans come with unlimited data.

It’s worth noting that Launtel also has 1000 plans.

NBN 250 plans

MyRepublic has the cheapest NBN 250 plan right now at  $109 per month. This is a no contract plan and is not a special offer, just the regular price.

In terms of speed MyRepublic isn’t the fastest, reporting typical evening speeds of just 150Mbps. Kogan is next up at 200Mbps. Both Superloop and Aussie Broadband are reporting average evening speeds of 215Mbps.

All of these plans come with unlimited data.

It’s worth noting that Launtel also has 250 plans.

What if I can’t get these plans?

Unfortunately, not everyone can get NBN 1000 or NBN 250 plans. In fact, most Aussies can’t. According to NBN Co, only a small percentage of NBN-connected households can utilise these plans.

This is because NBN 1000 plans can only be used FTTP households and seven per cent of HFC households. As for NBN 250, these plans are only available to FTTP households and and 70 per cent of HFC households.

If you’re not sure about the difference we have an explainer on different NBN connection types here.

And if you’re not sure what type of NBN connection your home, this tool will tell you:

Fastest NBN 100 Plans in Australia

If you aren’t eligible for NBN 1000 or NBN 250 plans, but are still looking for a speed upgrade, you might want to consider an NBN 100 plan instead.

The cheapest speedy NBN 100 plan here is from Tangerine, which comes in at $74.90 for the first six months. But it will bump up to $89.90 after, which isn’t that so we would recommend shopping around when you start approaching the end of those six months.

Considering there are so many six month discounts on contract-free NBN plans round right now, it’s always worth looking for a better deal.

If you’re more interested in the fastest plan possible, Superloop is reporting typical evening speeds of 90Mbps for $89.95 per month.

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