Casio’s Latest G-Shocks Are Vibrant, and Presumably Bulletproof

Image: Casio
Image: Casio

As if G-Shock wasn’t beefy enough, Casio has just announced three new models in the GA900 family, an analogue-digital watch that is about as big and thick as hamster’s personal pan pizza.

The GA900s are normal G-Shock watches, just supersized. The Analogue-Digital line features analogue hands over a digital readout and is water-resistant to 200 meters.

Photo: Casio

The watches are described as “heavy-duty models that are great for wear in tough environments and as street fashion items as well,” which is watch-speak for “You can wear this on a construction site but you’ll most likely wear it to Starbucks.”

The GA900 is bog-standard in terms of functionality. A unique retrograde timer at noon displays time elapsed and it also supports world time and dual time readouts thanks to the analogue hands and digital display. It comes on a resin or reflective cloth band.

The real benefit, obviously, is that this thing can probably survive getting run over by a truck and is visible – if not from space – then from a drone. Both are important factors in 21st-century watch choice.

The pieces are available for pre-order for $US130 ($182) on Casio’s website.