7 of the Weirdest, Longest Videos on YouTube

7 of the Weirdest, Longest Videos on YouTube
Image: Spongebob SquarePants

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YouTube never fails to surprise.

Just when you think you’ve seen just about everything the internet has to offer, you’ll stumble across a truly bizarre video that makes you question humanity (or rather, how much time humanity has on their hands).

But, you’re clearly on YouTube to pass the time, so who’s to judge the creators behind classic videos such as ‘Entirely Black Screen For 24 Hours’?

To help you with your mission, we scoured YouTube to find some unnecessarily long, unnecessarily weird videos to consume the good part of a day.

Just remember that if you’re killing time while waiting for a date who has most likely stood you up, these videos might chew through a tonne of your data. Invest an extra $5 in an Optus Unlimited Data Day* so you can distract yourself for 24 hours and forget all about that date who probably saw you and left.

1. Squidward Singing 4 Ply For 10 Hours

Squidward is the unsung hero of the entire Spongebob SquarePants franchise – the poor guy just wanted to mind his own business without the sound of Spongebob and Patrick‘s incessant chirping filtering through his window.

So, let’s pay Squidward his dues and watch him star in this 10-hour ‘4 Ply’ video. He’s always wanted to be a star, so it’s only fitting.

2. ‘All Star’ But Quinton Reviews Bee Movie Characters For Three Hours

While you might not want to stick out an entire three-hours worth of Bee Movie character reviews, you might be persuaded otherwise when you find out that reviewer Quinton ventures outside of Bee Movie, subsequently reviewing bees from all forms of media.

Admittedly, it’s an informative three hours, regardless of how absurd the concept is.

3. Coffin Dance 1 Hour Challenge, Astronomia Meme

Speaking of absurd concepts…

The Coffin Dance has been circulating around the internet since what feels like the dawn of time, so why not take the dance, chuck in an Astronomia meme and extend it to an entire hour?

Is it worth watching the full video? Tough to tell, it really depends on what you want out of the experience.

4. Harry Potter – The Rap (Part 1)

Now, this is a video that every person with an internet connection should watch in full.

There are still ongoing studies into people who dislike Harry Potter movies, but I promise they’ll be converted after watching this banger.

Why? Because when you combine Harry Potter with a corny rap, it’s a match made in heaven.

5. Non-Stop 5 Hour Video Of The Ultimate Mr Bean Compliation

Interestingly enough, this video was actually uploaded by the official Mr Bean YouTube page, so you won’t have to feel guilty for watching five-hours worth of Mr Bean material for free.

No pirating to see here folks, move along.

6. Blink-182 – ‘I Miss You’ (Tom’s Verse 10-Hour Loop)

Don’t lie – you rehearsed this entire song for hours on end back in high school. Thick American accent and all.

Well, now’s your chance to pick up where you left off. If you can’t get Tom’s verse down pat by the 10th hour, all hope is lost. Don’t give up though, worst-case scenario you just play it again. 20 hours is surely long enough for even the most musically challenged, no?

7. Open Ocean: 10 Hours Of Relaxing Oceanscapes

To calm you down after that scattered and wildly uneven ride, here’s 10 hours of “relaxing” ocean footage.

“Relaxing” is indeed in quotes because, for some people, the deep sea scares the living hell out of them. For good reason, too – humans can’t breathe down there. What’s to like?

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