Tomica Put Weapons-Grade Nostalgia In These Excellent Car Model Sets

I squealed like a kid waiting for NSYNC to come onstage in the year 2000 when I saw this toy Civic. That’s the first pop music reference that came into my head, which should explain why my nostalgia for this era of Hondas is strong. (I’m old.) Also, you have to see the Montero set. You have to. Get over here! LOOK.

Montero camping toy set (Photo: Tomica)

Ah! As a Montero-owning camping enthusiast, I guess it’s illegal for me not to buy this?

Tomica is a Japanese purveyor of exceptionally nice model cars.

The company’s Vintage Neo collection is particularly excellent. If you’re into cool vehicles, particularly from about 20 years ago, and mainly from Japan, do not open Tomica’s Vintage Neo catalogue unless you’re prepared to spend the rest of the day scrolling and spending a whole bunch of money.

I’m only putting it on blast now because that Civic (~$62) and Montero (~$70) are going to be available for purchase as of July, 2020 according to Tomica’s site. Where exactly you can order them from is a little more of a mystery.

Japanese-made Tomica and Tomytec models are not nearly as readily available in the U.S. as Hot Wheels, which you can get at any grocery store. I personally would recommend poking around the internet on your own to find these models, though I did find the Montero set on Japanese Amazon. I paid ¥5,173 (about $70) for it, just now, which included shipping to California from seller トミーテック(TOMYTEC) which claims I should receive it by July 16, so, I guess we’ll see.

And, yeah, of course I had to get my order in before this blog got published. I’m not about to let you all buy ’em out on me!