Marvel’s Helstrom Sure Looks Like a Show That Exists

Marvel’s Helstrom Sure Looks Like a Show That Exists
Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon as the Helstroms on Hulu's new Marvel series. (Photo: Hulu/IGN, Other)

At one point Hulu seemed like it was going to be hack and slashed with Wolverine-like rage, only a select few remained. One is Helstrom and its first photos are now here.

IGN has the exclusive reveal of the images, which primarily show Daimon and Ana Helstrom, played by Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon, as they weave their way around this new Marvel universe. Daimon Hellstrom (as the name was spelled in the comics; the TV show loses one “L”) came to be in the pages of Ghost Rider before spinning out into other facets of the Marvel Universe along with Ana. There, they were the spawn of the devil. Here they’re merely described as “the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer” (who, we’re guessing, will be revealed to be more), and will team up to hunt similar bad people, with their own unique superpowers of course.

So think a brother-sister family crime procedural with superpowers and maybe Hell. Here are a few of the images.

Photo: All Images Hulu/IGN, Other

Photo: All Images Hulu/IGN, Other

Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon

Wait, is Toni Collette in this show? Seriously, we think this is Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria Helstrom but aren’t quite sure.

Alain Uy (as Chris Yen) and Lemmon.

Tom Austen in Helstrom. (Photo: Hulu)

Tom Austin as Daimon Helstrom

Head over to IGN to see more photos including Supernatural and Watchmen star Robert Wisdom, who plays the Caretaker.

We’ve gotta say, for our first real look at a big Marvel series, these photos… are kind of bland? There’s nothing particularly exciting about them. If you didn’t already know this was a Marvel show, you’d never guess it was a Marvel show. It could almost be anything. But, we’re literally looking at four frames from a 10-episode season of television, which will presumably be more dynamic when it actually hits screens.

Helstrom will have a Comic-Con @ Home panel next week, and will debut on Hulu in October.