Lego’s Art Range Lets You Build Portraits of Famous People

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

Lego has branched out a lot over the years, but recently it’s really going hard on the adult Lego fans. you know, the ones that actually have the money to spend on the extravagant (and expensive) things the company produces. The latest is called Lego Art, and it lets you put together pop-culture portraits with Lego pieces.

The whole range includes a mix of both fictional characters and real-life celebrities, in case you desperately wanted to build a portrait of Ringo Starr to hang up on the wall. That’s not a random name I picked out of the ether either, because he’s one of the first wave of portraits going on sale tomorrow.

What’s more, because Lego knows some adults like to use Lego to relax each Lego Art set comes with a soundtrack designed to accompany your building experience. It’s mostly anecdotes about the subject in the set, but some of them include music too.

Each set costs £115, and measure 40cm square when finished. But finishing isn’t the end of it, because each kit contains at least three different designs you can choose from. So if you want them all you’ll have to buy more than one.

Here’s what’s coming:

Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe

This one comes with 3,332 pieces and features Warhol’s portrait in four different colour palettes . The soundtrack features interviews with Jessica Beck, Curator at The Andy Warhol Museum and stories from Blake Gopnik, Art Critic and the author of “Warhol”.

The Beatles

This 2,933 lets you build each of the four Beatles, though you will need to buy it four times to get the whole band. The soundtrack features interviews with Beatles expert George Lloyd, journalist Samira Ahmed, and stories from comedian Nish Kumar.

Iron Man

There are 3,156 pieces in this, with the option of building one of three Iron Man portraits (Mark III, Mark 85, and the Hulkbuster). But if you buy three you can combine the pieces to build the ‘Ultimate’ Iron Man artwork.

The soundtrack includes interviews with former Marvel EIC Roy Thomas, as well as stories from Marvel expert Alex Grand.

The Sith

The 3,395 set gives you a very difficult decision to make when joining the Dark Side. That decision is how long do you pretend to think about whether to build Darth Maul, Darth Vader, or Kylo Ren? The choice is obvious really, but I guess you have to pretend.

Like the Iron Man portrait, buying three of these lets you combine the model into an ‘Ultimate’ portrait of Darth Vader – which is clearly the best one of the entire range.

Sets go on sale tomorrow at Zavvi and the Lego website, and as interesting as they look I can’t quite get over the price. or the fact they seem designed to try and make you buy duplicates to get the entire collection.