Get a Load of These Google Pixel 5 Images

Get a Load of These Google Pixel 5 Images

We’ve recently seen a deluge of Google Pixel 4a leaks and rumours flying around. But that’s not the only exciting phone Google is releasing this year. The first alleged leak of the Pixel 5 has dropped and boy are there some changes.

Last year’s Google Pixel 4 did not live up to the hype. Sure, it was a good phone with some cool features — like astrophotography mode and a robust recorder app — but it was let down by poor battery life and mediocre specs.

And perhaps this is why these Google Pixel 5 leaks, if true, reveal some changes.

The first solid renders of the Pixel 5 are now out in the world. They are brought to us courtesy of David Kowalski and Pigtou. They are said to be based on leaked schematics. While these aren’t definitive, both sources have pretty good track records when it comes to leaks and renders.

Google Pixel 5 Design

According to Pigtou the Pixel 5 will be a little smaller than its predecessor. It is said to be 144.6mm long, 70.4mm wide and 8mm thick. However, because of the yet another thicc camera bump, the latter dimension will actually blow out to 9.5mm.

google pixel 5 leak
Image: Pigtou

The biggest change the back of the Pixel 5 reveals is a fingerprint sensor. Google did away with this feature in the Pixel 3 in favour of face unlock. This backwards step is significant and makes us wonder what the deal is going to be when it comes to biometrics in the Google Pixel 5.

As for the front, the most significant reveal is the almost-full screen design. The selfie came is no longer nestled into a bezel. Instead, we have a round cut out reminiscent of the Infinity-0 design Samsung began introducing a couple of years ago.


Google Pixel 5 Camera

google pixel 5 leak
Image: Pigtou

The rear of the device reveals the same square camera bump as last year. The lenses also look similar, which isn’t surprising since this is just a render.

Last year the Pixel 4 had dual 12MP primary lenses and a 16MP telephoto lens. Notably, there was no wide-angle. Local Google reps referred to wide-angle as “fun” but stated that telephoto was more important to the Pixel 4.

While the Pixel 4 camera was indeed quite good — especially the astrophotography mode — leaving a wide-angle lens out of the Pixel 5 seems like a mistake in 2o20. Let’s hope it’s one Google doesn’t make.

The front of the device show a single punch-hole camera. While we don’t know particulars yet, the Pixel 4 had a dual 8MP camera last year.

Google Pixel 5 release Australia

There’s no hard date on the Google Pixel 5 release yet. However, flagship Pixels tend to release between August and October.